The all new Xfire with classy metal exteriors and a fingerprint reader for $ 60

With the advent of technological excellence since the last decade in the Smartphones, the commodity of the new essential has swiftly moved to the top priority for the world. Moreover, the Smartphones has become an affordable commodity than the times, when it was available only on a handful lot of users. The sway of the new vibe of an economic trend is nowhere more likely to be visible in the OEMs of China, which has been the dramatic shift in the Smartphone segment.

A descend economic model of Android device is available for $200 from pretty much all forefront brands in the market these days, but the stakes are ever getting lower on prices with the phones available on the internet. One of the recent picks in the season is Bluebook’s latest variant model marketed with the brand name Xfire.

The model comes with an impressive design and configurations that are pretty efficient and resourceful to the price range of $40 on the market with other competitors almost lagging on to stick to prices closer to $100.The model is a definitive standout from the typical Chinese variants with metal exteriors and perfect design. The Xfire also features the fingerprint reader mounted elegantly on the back of the Glossy brick case with a complete control and aesthetic appeal.

The other configurations include an MTK6580 quad core processor and equally competent CPU specs. Also featured is a 5 megapixel back camera and 2-megapixel front camera with high performance and advanced photo editing features included in the pack. The model also has a dual-sim variant with the same exclusive quality. With a class of the quality imbibed in the variant, Xfire is supposedly the new surprise for the low price segment of the Chinese phone market. The phone is expected to soon to hit big in success for Smartphones in the segment. The only technical aspect not ranged is the 4 G technological support that is quite expected in the smartphones of the recent launches in the market.
The phone comes with 8 GB internal memory, 2150 mAhBattey and Android Lollipop 5.1.According to sources, the phone is at the special price of a limited edition and the price is expected to be a little more with an approx. estimate of $69.99.But still, an amazing value considering the configurations and the quality of the phone.


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