10 Best Offline Web Browser for Windows OS

People with 24/7 interaction with high speed internet connection might not have an idea about what these offline web browsers are. However, offline web browsers are very useful where continuous internet connectivity isn’t very easily accessible. Also, people with limited data connectivity allocation each month would surely admit the usefulness of an offline web browser for Windows platform. Apart from these 2 cases, any general user who like to take websites on their computer with them while being on the move without any internet connectivity can save the whole website to their PC and work on it as they require.


Here’s a brief review compilation on top 10 offline browser for Windows.


  1. WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser

Most offline website browser programs download the entire website into the local storage of a computer, then serves the files to the user as per their request. Even though it’s the standard procedure for most offline browsers, WebAssistant doesn’t really work this way. This software works more like a proxy server that caches a website every time the user visits them, and shows the browser in its last available state even without an internet connection.


  1. WebCopy

WebCopy does what the name says – it copies websites to a hard drive location and when the user requests for a stored website, it serves the website nearly intact. To save storage space, user could choose which parts of a website WebCopy can ignore from the Advanced Configuration Settings. However, due to some scripting issues WebCopy can’t copy dynamic Javascripts.


  1. HTTrack Website Copier

Among the offline web browser programs, HTTrack Website Copier happens to be the best in town. The software can download a whole website to a local storage media within a very short time. On HTTrack Website Copier’s processing end the task is done very fast, however the download time might vary based on the internet bandwidth a user has. HTTrack is totally portable, and it runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


  1. NCollector Studio Lite

NCollector Studio Lite offers flexible options like downloading the whole website at once, or downloading some individual files, or maybe only one or two – the mostly required ones. There are four modes in the software’s interface – offline browser, crawler, search and mirror website. Websites are downloaded when Offline Browser mode is turned on, also the contents from hyperlinks will be downloaded and converted into local links.


  1. BackStreet Browser

BackStreet Browser can download a webpage using multi-threading download technology, thus the downloading speed is very fast even for larger whole scale websites. Not just the static parts of a website, even the dynamic pages and other scripts like JavaScript and some others could be downloaded without any interruption. In order to save space on the downloads, they could be zipped or unzipped as a native feature.


  1. PageNest Free

Just provide the software with the URL you want to download and everything from that domain name will be downloaded. However, if content-specific settings are set in the Advanced Settings panel then few file types might get excluded. PageNest downloads multiple files together while downloading a web page to increase the overall offline saving speed.


  1. WebReaper

WebReaper also downloads the whole web page at once, for best download methods it goes through all the contents shown on a page and determines the best possible method. However, there are two options – to download a website as Internet Explorer cache file that’s only limited to IE for later accessibility, and another option is typical download as a whole website accessible by any web browser.


  1. Local Website Archive Lite

Unlike any regular website downloading or offline browsing software, Local Website Archive Lite only downloads documents and web pages as individual files and full-fledged access might not be possible. While the functionality is limited, yet it’s very useful for those who use such programs to extract textual documents and contents off the internet.


  1. WinWSD Website Downloader

The interface on WinWSD Website Downloader software is pretty simple, anyone with some expertise on offline browsers can figure out how WinDSD Website Downloader works. Downloaded offline websites could be browsed using either this software, or any other website browser a user might have. However, the external links on a webpage won’t turn to local links on WinWSD, thus you would need an active connection if you need to browse the hyperlinks on a locally stored webpage.


  1. Getleft

Getleft would download whole websites and turn all the hyperlinks into relative links on a local computer system, the user won’t even feel that the website is actually a saved one and not being live transmitted from the internet. Getleft comes for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.



Offline web browsers are very often required for various different purposes, but the one basic purpose they all serve – saving a website in user defined format and style.


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