OnePlus X Is Now Available Without ‘Invites’

The official statement on the release of OnePus phones is out on the company’s official forum. Asexpected the company has agreed on the pact of purchase of the initial model of One Plus X without the need of perquisite invites. The deal is predicted to be on offer pretty soon with a timely wrap up on all the three models of OnePlus namely OnePlus One, One Plus 2 and One Plus X.

Even though these models are already been sold without invites. The proposal was announced on the company forum recently by the co-founder Carl Pei in one of the anticipated move by the company in the sale and availability of OnePlus Phones. Carl Pei confirmed on the company’s newest stand saying the company is extremely proud on the achievement in such a span of operation. Also, he added that the company is maturing in many ways than before by adapting to the demands and expectations of the customers in an efficient manner with more efforts in the domestic concerns.
The company is expected to pull out more reforms in initiating other proposals to make developments and facilities for a smoother and smarter access to the OnePlus phones in the near future. With the growth for demand in OnePlus phones in the market, the company is also looking into other aspects of improvised existence for OnePlus Phones throughout the dominant areas. The company is said to focus on more improvisation in the marketing domain which could pull in more investment and support in current context. According to experts, the shift in the distribution is obviously the finest hurdle the company has overcome. Especially in the niche, where quality of technology and the comfort of the users are the highest priority to sustain and incremental growth pattern for OnePlus phones.


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