15 Best Free Online Photo, Music & Video Editors

These days, people are getting amused about editing some stuff like music, videos, and photos. This thing is made possible due to the introduction of the high technology in the world, which caused the existence of the online world. In editing these stuff however, an excellent editing tool must be used. With that being said, here are 15 free online photos, videos & music editors that you must take into account:


  1. Pixlr Editor – Many amazing features that you can find in Photoshop are also available in Pixlr Editor. Good examples of these features are clone stamp, blurring tool, smudge tool, and the lasso tool. In the virtual world, this is the perfect alternative for Photoshop that you can ever find.


  1. Fotor – Basic photo editing features are accessible in this free photo editor. Some of these basic features are color, adjust, rotate, and crop. It also has great effects feature like the vintage and the lomo effects. With different templates, you can also come up with a photo collage through this photo editor.


  1. Picmonkey – Creating a beautiful design that can be used in social networks is made possible through this photo editor. All the basic photo editing features are also available in Picmonkey. A photo collage can also be made through it.


  1. Befunky – Aside from the basic photo editing features, Befunky is preferred by many because of its additional filter effects as well as artsy features. Great examples for these features are watercolor, pointilism, impressionist, and cartoonize. And in order to enhance more the look of your photos, you can simply incorporate text or textute, overlay, graphic, and frames.


  1. Polarr – Photo professionals alike, students, and bloggers are the perfect ones to use Polarr photo editor. Working with keyboard shortcuts, adding a watermark, and batch exporting of photos can all be done with Polarr. If you have a Chrome browser, you can simply take advantage of the Polarr Photo Editor that can be accessed through Chrome Store.


  1. Wevideo – This is actually a cloud-based application in editing videos. In other words, you can only take advantage of it when you create your own cloud account. What made this video editor the best is that you can have full control on several areas on the videos just like the transition.


  1. Magisto – This video editor is great enough to let you edit videos in just a matter of time. It offers pre-made video editing styles, in which you can choose the one that you like. You can add a soundtrack on the videos if you want to. You can then add a title. That’s all you need to do.


  1. Coub – With the help of this video editor, you can remix videos as well as create looping videos, and all of these can be done without any sweat at all. You can pick a maximum number of 10 videos from the various sources you searched in.


  1. Video toolbox – This may just be very simple to look at, as a video editor but its extremely useful features will surely blow your mind away. Merging 1 or more video clips you want is made possible by this video editor. Not only that, it will also allow you to add watermark, crop video, add audio, add subtitles, extract video, cut or split videos, and even convert videos.


  1. Video Cutter – Editing videos faster and without any sweat at all can be possible with the aid of Video Cutter. In fact, you can just choose a particular portion of the video where you need some edition job. What made it a great video editing tool is the fact that almost all video formats are supported by it.


  1. Soundation Studio – This online music editor is packed with powerful amazing features. Mixing your sound can be done well through its complete features. This music editor comes with virtual music instruments, loops, and a number of good sound effects.


  1. Audio Tool – Directly from your browser, you can edit and produce your own music with the help of this music editor. It comes with an effects panel, routing and mixing panels, and virtual music instruments. What’s even the best about it are the free samples it offers that are over 250,000 in number.


  1. Twisted Wafe – It’s another browser-based music editing tool that is mainly utilized in converting, mastering, and recording music. Some of its excellent features are fade in/out sound, normalize, amplify, adding VST effects, and looping.


  1. Audio Cutter – This may be a simple music editing tool, but its functionality is gigantic enough for you to use it. Removing those undesirable parts of your music can be possible using this tool. You can use it in mixing music.


  1. Audio Joiner – Mixing soundtracks is the main function of this excellent music editing tool. It supports several music file formats like wav, m4a, and mp3. Its Crossfade feature will allow you to have smooth-sailing music editing tasks.


These are the 15 free online photos, videos & music editors you must use. There’s no way you’ll regret using these tools.


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