Top 10 Online Tools to Create Creative Resumes

Every professional needs to give attention towards the career. However, building a career does not mean learning new things only, but to portray them in front of others. The art of showing your skills is called resume and it has to be very powerful. There was a time when the MS Word Resume was enough to fetch a good job. However, as the time has progressed, the situation has changed and so has the need of resume. The resume now needs to be equally creative alongside powerful.


  1. Kickresume

Kickresume is one of the leading resume builders that does not only helps you to create impressive and creative resume but also makes it an easy process. It will hardly take 10 minutes to complete the entire resume. You can also import the data from the LinkedIn profile in order to save even more time.

  1. Pimp My Resume

If you are looking for a free and superior experience then there is nothing better than the Pimp My Resume. You don’t even need to log in to the portal to create a resume. You can upload your photo and then make and edit specific fields of the resume. Once you are done with it, you can easily download the file. However, you can always send the PDF directly to the printer as well to get the best out of it.

  1. I Need a Resume

This is pretty similar to the earlier one and does not need required to be logged in to accesses they system. However, it does not have any account to sign up. However, you can add up to three jobs in this online tool of course with different projects tagged under it. Once you are done, all you need to do is download the resume.

  1. Creddle

If you are looking to design your resume with different style and by applying customization then it is one of the best options. You have to log in to the Creddle and then you will have plenty of opportunities to edit, highlight and change the color, fonts, and various elements of the resume. You can add or customize special sections as well. The tool always allows you to import data from the LinkedIn and you also have the options like drag and dropping. This is a free tool.

  1. Resume UP

This is something different and unique with the special features. The Resume UP is one of the leading online tool that gives you all the options for resume building. You can always import data from LinkedIn and make creative and interactive resume. However, you can get the option for Dream Job in the profile as well. You get free career building tips as well with respect to the dream job. You can share the resume directly with social media and download it. It is free of cost.


It is not only a resume service but also a complete profession builder. You can build your personalized website along with the resume. However, you can use the resume service as well with plenty of options and opportunities. You can always get the best result with the It costs $7 per month.


This is one of the most creative resume builders available online. The interesting part is that it gives you infographic options to make it rather modern and interesting. You will have an user id that will be part of the url of the profile so you must not change it. Apart from creating resume, you can also share your profile directly from the tool as well.

  1. Standard Resume

This is a simple but effective resume builder. This gives you all the options to make a good resume. You can add many details to the resume and then effectively design it as per the different choice. This is not only interesting to have a look at the resume with features like photos and separate columns, this has creativity too.


It asks you to create the resume step by step first time. You will have to select the templates and different fields with respect to professional experience. This is free of cost and you can link the profile anywhere you want as well. However, you get the premium versions as well. You can see various fonts, themes and templates in the premium versions.

  1. Visual CV

This has large focus on the design of the CV along with the creativity. You can make different changes and keep it interesting. . You have got different sections and categories that keep on coming one by one and you can simply add the details. It costs you $6 per month.

It is not only the strong skills but also how you create it, matters a lot. There are many professional tools now that can help you to build the same. Here are the Top 10 best online tools to build creative resumes.



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