10 Open Source CMS for E-Commerce Sites

Today, building an e-Commerce website is not that easy thing to do, and it may require a considerable amount of money on your part, as a businessman. In order to make sure that your possible customers can have a convenient online shopping, the important features and utilities must be present on your website. Good examples for these are the payment gateways, shopping cart, stock control, and product catalog. However, this will not be possible if you will not consider doing the usual route of a hosted e-Commerce site. The problem with this is you will need to pay more money to the host. This is why it is best to go for open source solution. In this regard, here are the 10 open source CMS for building e-Commerce sites:

  1. UberCart – Selling different kinds of goods is possible with this open source CMS. These goods may be physical or digital. Good examples of physical goods are tickets, shoes, and shirts while software, movies, and music singles are good examples for digital goods. This module will allow adding of e-Commerce functionality in Drupal, which is a world renowned company in developing e-Commerce site. If you have Drupal at your back, then there is no need to worry.


  1. SpreeCommerce – With this open source CMS, you can definitely have full control of building your own e-Commerce webpage. Meaning to say, you can always replace, add, and configure any functionality of your website when you want to. The built-in subscription functionality is one of its amazing features. With this particular feature, your registered customers can constantly be updated about your offered products even though they are not planning to buy them.


  1. ZeusCart – This is a fully responsive open source CMS, and it is because of the fact that its default theme is developed through the help of Bootstrap. What made ZeusCart the best is it is associated with the essential features needed in a particular e-Commerce site such as payment gateways, shipping cost calculators, and shopping cart. Moreover, it has advanced search functionalities, coupons, and gift cards. And most of all, it has SEO that is extremely helpful in achieving higher search engine rankings for your site.


  1. CubeCart – What made it the best option is it will help you extend your online store’s functionality through its plugins and modules. A lot of information regarding your e-Commerce website will be showed to you when you login to CubeCart, as an administrator of course. Some of these important information are reports that talk about your stocks and sales. These reports can even be converted into spreadsheets if you want to.


  1. ZenCart – This open source only requires MySQL, Apache, and PHP so it will certainly work well in any hosting provider. The best thing about ZenCart is it is being supported by a group of people who are composed of consultants, shop owners, designers, and programmers. Moreover, you can also become an official member of the ZenCart if you just know how to code. And in order to fit your requirements, you are free to modify the source code of the ZenCart.


  1. LiteCommerce – This open source CMS can function as independent e-Commerce platform or a Drupal module. The design of this website is well-thought about, and made for a better functionality. It has a clean interface that can be navigated by any user conveniently. Moreover, it can promote lively interaction since it is powered by AJAX. Lastly, it is developed under a modular architecture, making it highly customizable.


  1. TomatoCart – In order to come up with a powerful GUI just like what your personal computer has, RIAs or Rich Internet Applications is being utilized by this open source CMS. It even has the capability for SEO since Rich Keyword URL is implemented here. These keywords have something to do with your articles, reviews, categories, products and so many other things.


  1. HeroCommerce – This open source is actually an extension of HeroFramework, which is a CMS platform. HeroCommerce is also the reason why HeroFramework became a full-pledged platform for e-Commerce. To take advantage of it, you have to install the bundled package on your personal computer, which is the HeroFramework + Ecommerce add-on.


  1. nopCommerce – ASP.NET, which is a Microsoft Technology is built in this particular open source, along with the MS-SQL database. Just like the other open sources CMS, nopCommerce is a package deal when talking about selling your products or services on the web. Meaning to say, it has everything you need to provide convenient online shopping experience to your customers.


  1. Kartris – All the essential features in an e-Commerce website are also packed in Kartris. Some of these features are back-end administration, payment systems, shopping cart, and inventories. This e-Commerce platform is also based in ASP.NET Microsoft Technology, making it compatible with the web server of Microsoft’s IIS.


These are the 10 open source CMS for building e-Commerce sites. You can never go wrong with these open sources if you opt for them.


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