Top 10 Amazing Portable Gadgets Worth Buying

No matter how much or less someone admits it; gadgets are part and parcel of anyone’s daily life these days. From necessary everyday tasks to fancy entertainment purpose – gadgets are making life quite fantastic every single moment of our life. Reliance on gadgets have increased ever since electronic technology started taking a leap, and ever since it’s only getting better. Gadgets we need every day could be anything – from a coffee maker to something high end as a server setup for some people.

However, some gadgets are incredibly smaller, portable and available at an affordable price. Here’s a brief review on 10 of those.


  1. Handpresso Auto ESE Electrical Espresso Machine

Not every morning it feels like walking up to a coffee machine, putting the ingredients in and have a coffee comfortably. On busy days one might just be a heavy rush, or be late for classes already, or maybe just not willing to make a coffee. On such scenarios a coffee maker that works by hand press and powers up by car power outlet is the best solution. Power up, add coffee and water and just give it a press and your coffee will be ready. Price – $165.


  1. ZUtA Labs Mini Printer

Smartphones these days let people do their work on the go without having to sit on a table; however printing might still require getting to one of those big heavy desktop printers unless one owns a ZUtA Labs Robotic Mini Printer. It’s a miniature sized portable printer with printing capability of around 1000 pages with one cartridge; there’s no specific paper size either. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery. Price – $199.


  1. VuPoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner

This portable scanner may not be able to outrun a tabletop flatbed scanner in terms of specifications and scanning capability, but during on the go scan requirements or for quick notes, the VuPoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner is an excellent solution. Whenever you require a scanner for necessary referencing, this scanner would scan documents at up to 900 dpi for the best possible output. Files are saved in JPG or PDF format. Price – $54.90.


  1. iPower Pro Pocket Projector for iPhone 4/4S

For instantaneous presentation without having a physical projector around, the iPower Pro Pocket Projector could be the best help. iPower Pro is small yet powerful and it projects pretty clear photos, videos or presentation slides. There’s a built in battery hence it doesn’t drain the iPhone battery; instead it could be used as an external power pack. Price – $249.95.


  1. Monster Go-DJ Portable

DJs on the fly could use this portable DJ rig for completion of their tasks while still on the move. The rig is small but efficient and offers a long list of features that a full-sized tabletop DJ rig might offer. It has 2GB of memory chip built-in, and additionally there’s support external streaming inputs and memory cards. It has equalizers and recorders. The gadget is pretty costly though. Price – $599.95.


  1. USB Portable Paper Shredder

Have a lot of cash receipts to shred? Or deal with slightly confidential documents every now and then which shouldn’t be kept whole? Well, this pocket sized paper shredder powered by a USB input could save plenty of hassle. It takes AA size batteries as well. The paper intake could be up to 5 A6 sized papers at once, and maybe other sizes folded. Price – $16.90.


  1. Portable Cooler and Warmer

Fridges could be portable as well. This gadget is especially made for car and it works as a warmer for liquids like beverages. The power ratings are flexible enough to be used with the car’s cigarette lighter power port, or just a normal power outlet in a household. The cooling capacity isn’t near to the chill temperature but it does the job. Price – $39.95.


  1. Panda Compact Washing Machine

Students living in a dorm or someone living alone in a tiny apartment might purchase this compact solution for laundry. This washing machine is smaller enough to fit almost any corner and it takes little storage space. Price – $76.99.


  1. GoCool Portable AC

For camping and temporary outing at a non-AC facility, this portable semi-truck cab air conditioner could help. It doesn’t work like a normal compressor based AC, rather ice and water supply is required. However, the cooling is comfortable and it powers up by car power or household power outlet. Price – $429.99.


  1. NewAir AI-100R Ice Maker

With this gadget around, you won’t be running out of ice again. It takes only around 6-15 minutes to produce a brand new batch of ice cubes, around 28 pounds. Not just households but this ice maker could be a very useful product in small restaurants or doctor chambers as well. Price – $183.99.



Most of these gadgets have a scaled up version for more serious usage, but being able to carry something that’s not initially built for that purpose is fun and highly useful. These gadgets are available for a very reasonable price point too.


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