Railwire Broadband – Railways Internet Connection Review

India is witnessing a great change in overall technology and is going through an excellent development in the field of technology. All this development has been possible only because of internet. We have seen a lot of ISP’s been launched during in last 10 years or so. Rail wire is one of them, but it’s not a private Ltd. Instead it’s a Ministry of railway initiative. We are up here with an over view to the Rail wire internet, with some cons. and pros. It’s a great initiative in order to make India digital. RailWire Broadband – Railways Fiber Internet Connection Review & Speed Test Results.

What is Railwire internet?

It is a broadband service that has been provided to us by the Railway ministry of India. Rail wire is a high speed broadband service provider which is bound to provide affordable and a reliablebroadband on demand. It has a very clear vision of providing 175 million broadband connections by the year 2017 andup to 600 million by the year 2020. With a speed of 2 mbps which is pretty fast if considered to be from an Indian broadband provider it is providing unlimited data in real terms. You can upgrade the speed up to 100 mbps if you need.Another main vision of rail wire internet is to connect all village panchayats through high speed broadband connection by the year 2020 as India is a country where there are still innumerous villages that do not have a reliable internet connection even in this era.

Why it’s so fast?

Rail wire is insanely fast as it has got whole network connected through fibre optical cables. As we all know the capabilities of a fibre optical cable. More than 400 cities are being covered and over 42000 kilometers of optical fibre is layed across the country to provide a high-speed connectivity no matter in what area you are living in. it’s a pan India DWDM network which connects the more than 400 cities in India with multiple STM-16 (n x 2.5 gbps) connectivity 400 gbpsfurtherupgradable to 800 gbps. Tariff & Details – RailWire Official Site

( I am using 10Mbps @ 60 GB Plan from Railwire )

Customer satisfaction

Like every other services provided by government, it too has some flaws related to customer satisfaction. Such as late responses and complaints resolution offering. Some problems are related to the connection drop issues which are not being solved instantly and taking more than 4-5 days to resolve the issue. But it’s a company that is providing fiber optics connection throughout the country and we all know that fibre optical needs excellent care and great handling. As it’s not easy to connect two optic cables and it takes time to fix a broken opticalfiber. So the reason behind slow service is quite understandable.


Tariff packs available:

It has been a very wide variety of offerings for unlimited internet at great speed. Staring from a plan of 1mbps it can give you a maximum speed of up to 100 mbps. Some tariffs come in with an FUP limit while other doesn’t come with any capping limit, you can surf unlimited with the same speed throughout the month.



There are many companies which provide broadband internet service and all of them claim themselves the fastest one. But rail wire internet is really fast as it has got fiber optics network throughout the country and we all know that fiber optics is the fastest mode of data transmission. So you can opt for Rail wire internet service if it’s available in your area.