Railwire Internet Tariff Plans in Kerala

Railwire is a broadband service managed by Railtel Corporation of India. This is one of the biggest broadb services provided by the government across geographical locations in India. This broadband service comes under the Ministry of Railway and is know for its wide reach. It is one of the reliable broadband services available in the country. The main aim of this broadband service is to cover each area of India where the internet has not yet reached. The Railwire even covers the villages of Kerala where the technology is surging and talent is grooming. It has many internet plans available for Kerala in variety of ranges to satisfy the need of the users. Find out the plans for Railwire for Kerala. Kerala one of the most developed states in India and the plans reflect the same.


Home Access Unlimited Plan

This plan for residential use with unlimited usage. You can get 512 Kbps for ₹499. The same way the plans for the 1Mbps is available for ₹899, the 2 Mbps is available for ₹1399 and the 4 Mbps for ₹2499.


Home Access FUP plan

1 Mbps plan has the FUP of 10 GB. However after the use of FUP the speed comes to 512 Kbps. The rental of the plan is ₹499. Similarly there are many plans that has different Port Speed with different FUP but it comes to 512 Kbps after the usage of the FUP. 1 Mbps plans for 20 GB FUP comes for ₹549. 2 Mbps plans for FUP of 10 GB and 20 GB respectively come for ₹599 & ₹699. The 4 Mbps plan for 30 GB and 40 GB FUP come for ₹799 & ₹899 respectively. The 8 Mbps plan with 40 GB FUP is ₹999. There are couples of 10 Mbps plans as well that give FUP of 40 GB and 60 GB and the speed after the FUP is 1 Mbps. The rentals for the plans are ₹1099 & ₹1249 respectively.


SME Access Unlimited Plan

The SME Access Unlimited plan is for commercial uses. The port speed of 1 Mbps is available for ₹1699, the 2 Mbps is available for ₹2999, the 4 Mbps is available for ₹5799, the 8 Mbps is available for ₹9999 and the 10 Mbps is available for ₹12999.


SME Access FUP Plan

There is only one plan available for FUP of SME Access with 60 GB. The speed after the FUP is 1 Mbps and the rental is ₹4650.


Top Up Plan

There are Top Up plan or Boosters as well. If you want 5 GB then ₹149 rental will do for you. There is ₹249 plan as well for 10 GB.


The plans are of various ranges and that is actually helping people. People can choose over different port speed and also price ranges. The popularity of Railwire is increasing at exponential rate in Kerala.