How to Reopen Closed Tab in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE

Many times we just go out of luck and accidentally close the tab of the browser we were working. The internet has become the most common part of this generation and we need to have some remedy for it. You may think that there are many browsers and how one could handle this. Well, luckily we have got options to retrieve the closed tab for each of the browser. You can take the example of the most common examples of the browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. All of them have definite solutions to this problem.


Chrome is the most used browser and often get crashed. We may close a single or multiple windows by accident as well. But we can always reopen the closed tab with the simple method in Chrome. All you have to do is press Ctrl+Shift+T and the browser will reopen the closed window. You can press it multiple times to open as much as 10 recently closed tabs in Chrome. You can always go to the history by pressing Ctrl+H and select the link you opened. There is a method to open the closed tab as well by default. All you have to do is go to the Settings and select Where you left off when you start off. There is another way to tackle this problem. You have to right click the task bar and select the Reopen closed window.



Firefox follows the same process as Chrome. You can simply press the Ctrl+Shift+T and retrieve the closed tab. You can simply press it multiple times to open multiple closed tabs. Firefox is more stable than Chrome but if accidentally the tabs get closed Firefox allows you to give the option at the bottom of the screen. You can always reopen with Undo the tab from the browser tab. History can also be used to restore the closed tabs.



The Apple based browser is also frequently used and sees the problem of the accidentally closed tab. However, it too has a solution and rather easier than others. You can just press Cmd+Z to retrieve the closed tab. On the other hand, for multiple closures you can go for the Option+Cmd+2 then click on the tabs you want to reopen. You can also go to history and click Reopen all Windows from last session to get back all the details.


Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer follows the same trait as the Chrome and Firefox. The Ctrl+Shift+T is enough to reopen the closed tabs. You can press it multiple times to get multiple tabs. If you have accidentally closed the entire session then you can get that back with opening a new tab and clicking Reopen Last Session. Browsing to history and opening the tabs is also a viable option for IE.


Browsing is the most significant part of the internet and it needs some smart use. The smarter use of the browser can help you to get rid of the situations like accidentally closing the tab on the browser.


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