Top 10 Awesome Robotic Gadgets Worth Buying

It cannot be denied that the world today is embracing the technological innovations happening around. This is the main reason why a lot of high-tech gadgets and equipments are born. Good examples of these are the robotic gadgets that are mushrooming in the four corners of the world. These can be the perfect gifts for someone you love who are about to celebrate her or his birthday. But actually, you can always give these gadgets to someone, no matter if there is a specific occasion or there is none. In this regard, here are 10 awesome robotic gadgets that you can consider:


  1. WheeMe Massage Robot – This is just a very small robotic gadget, and its size can be compared to a human palm. Despite its smaller size, this particular gadget has a very big function, especially to those people who acquire so much stress from their work. Without falling off, it will steer all over your body making the muscles relaxed. It is all thanks to its tilt sensor technology, which is also making it to have an automatic function.


  1. WowWee Tribot – This robot has 3 wheels, allowing it to move freely even in different directions. It even has multiple modes for functions. This is actually a personal robot that you can have for fun purposes since it can engage into an interactive conversation. It can tell you jokes to lighten up your day. It even comes with built-in games that you can play when you have nothing to do.


  1. Starter Robotic Kit – This is a very useful robotic gadget perfect for those techies out there. If you want to be well-acquainted about Arduino programming, electronics, and robotics, this is something that you must have. It comes with electronic modules as well as mechanical parts that can help you if you want to assemble your own three-wheeled robot car or a robot tank.


  1. Dash & Dot Wonder Pack – At first glance, you might think that it is only a simple traditional toy, but it is not of course. It is actually composed of two different robots, which are assembled as one. The very first one is Dash that can function in different perspectives, while the other one is Dot that is a robotic brain. Dot is the in-charge in introducing coding and robotics to kids and adults. Dash can navigate objects, dance, sing, and respond on your voice.


  1. Mocoro – This is a very unique and cute robotic gadget. It may appear like a furry ball at first glance. However, behind this furry ball lies a very functional robot cleaner. Yes, you read it right. It functions as a vacuum cleaner, and guess what, if works like a regular vacuum cleaning machine. It is also automatic, so it will just clean around the house without needing your assistance.


  1. OO4R Car Robot – This is another vacuum cleaning robot that is shaped like a car. It may look like a regular toy car, making your kids enticed in cleaning their own rooms. It will facilitate a very unique way of cleaning the floors. There are 4 cleaning modes built in this robotic gadget. It will never fall down the stairs or hit the walls and furniture because of its built-in sensor. It can even be operated through a remote control.


  1. Ozobot – This robotic gadget can be reactant to colors, patterns, and lines in digital and physical surfaces. One of its capabilities is drawing labyrinths on paper, and then applied with different colors. It is also capable in printing paths and mazes in which it explores. Moreover, it has 2 independent micro-motors as well as a module for color optical sensing.


  1. Robot Mower – This robotic gadget is very helpful in the gardening tasks at home. It’s a lawn mower that automatically performs grass mowing. It is all thanks to its high-tech microcomputer processor that serves as its brain. Theft protection systems, intelligent moving functions, and collision sensors are three of its amazing features.


  1. Remote Controlled Tarantula – This awesome robotic gadget is almost the same with the real Tarantula spider when it comes to appearance. It comes with a remote control for more convenient functioning, whether you want it to move forward, backward, or rotate in 360 degrees. Its eyes may look very scary through the lights built on it.


  1. Zoomer – This is a robot dog that is interactive enough, making it to be a great present for someone you love on his or her birthday. It is actually just like a normal pet dog, only that it is a robot. It is funny, playful, and it can understand French, Spanish, and English languages. It can even wag its tail, scoot around, bark, and even talk.


These are the 10 awesome robotic gadgets that you can consider having or giving to someone. Without a doubt, all these high-tech gadgets are worth-investing ones.


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