Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Facet to Curve and Bulge with 0.8 mm

According to the latest sources, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 has new featured changes on the exteriors. The dimensions on the rear of the camera facet in the phone on new sleeker design is supposedly   0.8 mm as compared to the 1.7 mm of Galaxy S6, which scaled at 1.7 mm on the rear camera.
Also, featured in the new designs are the bulge on the rear camera which was not present in any of the earlier models. Though the designs of the new S7 and the earlier versions share the same traits of curvy back on the phones. Galaxy S7 is an intermediate visionary of the Galaxy note 5 and Galaxy S6.The new S7 has a bolder design with curvy edges as seen in Galaxy Note 5 but shares the original design from the conventional traits of the very own Samsung Galaxy S6.

Furthermore, the S7 is said to have, either the Snapdragon 820 chip-sets or Exynos 8890 as the power processor in the new variant. Also featured in S7 is the 12 MP camera with a bulgy curve design that stands out in an amusing manner in the phone. These are based on the glimpses of features supposedly leaked out of the product line of Samsung S7.And if the sources are accurate, the new design would be a more refined with easy grip and smoothed edges from Samsung. No lesser can be expected in the new awaited Samsung S7, the model that will expectedly have a wide reception across the globe.

The company expects the new design to a better performer in terms of handling and design with a researched crafty work on the exteriors. As with the other earlier models of the Samsung Galaxy series, each of the new model of Galaxy phones has shred the dimensions with lighter and more compact design upfront. The same pact is expected in the new S7, but this time, the company has taken it a bit further. As per the sources from Samsung Cooperation, the company expects to launch Samsung S7 on Sunday, February 21st   in Barcelona, Spain.


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