How to Share Mac Internet Over WiFi or Ethernet

What’s with us in store for today? Well, a small matter of shareable knowledge that we hope will help you around. To be fair, if you’re weren’t looking out for the tips of sharing the internet from Mac over a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet, you wouldn’t have reached here. See, everyone’s here for a reason.

But let’s skip that part and console why we hovered over here. There have been numerous instances where people are left with pondering about how can the internet be shared over Wi-Fi or Ethernet via a Mac. We thought of providing a viable answer to the burgeoning question and thus reached for this entry.

Read along as we present our case on ‘How to Share the Internet from Mac over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. But why we would need to share the internet. The below short synopsis will relate your answers.

Why the need for Sharing Internet?

The major times when the need for sharing internet arises is when we are traveling. Locked in a hotel room with just one Ethernet cable is pretty hard when it comes to enjoying the internet on your multiple devices. As such, the trick to share the internet via Mac over either a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet will become a boon for you and fellow travelers.

We’ll guide you through two parts differentiated as

  • How to Share Internet from Mac over Wi-Fi?
  • How to Share Internet from Mac over Ethernet?

Let’s start with the first one, then. Shall we?

1) How to Share Internet from Mac over Wi-Fi?

If we were to use one word for this one, it would be Hotspot. Sharing the internet from Mac over Wi-Fi involves hotspot to be precise. In times when you get hold of an Ethernet cable at a hotel or a room and need to stream the internet over multiple devices foresee iPad, iPhone, and other computing devices, then the creation of hotspot will work wonders.

However, do note that if you own one of those slim piece of fancy MacBook Airs or Retina MacBook, then an Ethernet adapter for USB or Thunderbolt is a must.

Here’s what you should do next. Read along for the specific steps

  1. Start off by connecting your Mac to the internet via the Ethernet. Open up your web browser and check whether the internet connection is working around or not.
  2. After getting the nod with the internet connection move over to Mac’s System Preferences and look for the Internet and Wireless option. Click on the Internet and Wireless Option and select the Sharing Menu from it.
  3. Watch over to the left side of the list displayed by Sharing Menu and select on Internet Sharing. After clicking on the Internet Sharing you’d see the Internet Sharing Options.
  4. Select the option to share your internet connection from Ethernet to Wi-Fi as you’ve wanted all along.

But hey, there’s still a few configurations to make for.

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi button and configure the internet settings as needed. You can assign the name and the password of the wireless network you’ve created. Although, be sure to keep the channel as it is.
  2. Check mark the box on the Internet Sharing checkbox and enable the sharing option.
  3. Your Mac will now act as a wireless router and provide Wi-Fi for all your networking gears.
  4. Now all you need to do is connect your devices with the new found hotspot and voila, you’re good to go.

We dealt with Sharing Internet from Mac over Wi-Fi above, and we’d seek the way to share the internet from Mac over Ethernet down below.

2) How to Share Internet from Mac over Ethernet?

Think of this one. You have a Mac connected over to Wi-Fi. You also possess a Windows PC desktop that only possess wired Ethernet Adapter. What would you do when you want to power your Windows PC desktop with the Internet? A simple reasoning would be to Share your Internet from Mac via Ethernet. We’ll list out the steps needed to perform the task down below.

  1. Start off by connecting an Ethernet cable to the Mac which is powered with Wi-Fi. Stuff the other end of the Ethernet cable into the PC. Hat way you can connect both the devices without needing crossover components.
  2. Proceed to open System Preferences which is generally found on your dock. If not found there, look for the same in the Applications folder.
  3. Click on the Internet & Wireless option in the System Preferences. A Sharing menu would open under the Internet & Wireless, select it.
  4. Select the option to share your internet connection from Wi-Fi to Ethernet.
  5. Check mark the box on the Internet Sharing option to enable the settings.
  6. Your Windows Desktop PC will show the internet connection thereafter. If it doesn’t show itself, reboot your PC. It will then detect the internet connection.

That’s all from us on the tricks and tips to Share Internet from Mac over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. We hope to have helped you with the post. If there’s anything you’d love to share about, mention them in the comment box.


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