10 Signs That Shows You Think Way Too Much

It is good to be serious in life and that comes with thinking before doing anything. Well, but that does not mean you have to do it in an extreme level. There is a famous saying that too much of everything is dangerous and that holds true for good habits as well. So, check out the signs that whether you are on the same line. Here are the 10 signs that show that you think way too much.


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  1. You keep on thinking before taking decision

Well, it is simply thinking on something over and over again. If it is happening with you that means you are simply getting confused and the problem is getting dangerous. It is very simple to understand that if any decision has to be taken, you must think twice, but you must not send the thinking to an infinite loop.

  1. Second opinion needed

Even after thinking for many times, you feel lack of confident in taking any decision. It might makes you think that it is better to take a second opinion than to go ahead with yours. Well, this is just a sign of too much thinking and that is not good sign at all.

  1. The loop continues

You get the second opinion for the decision and that should have closed by then. But your over thinking might prompt you to think about the second opinion over and over again. Let’s not forget that it is not so hard to take any decision.

  1. The concern begins

The dangerous stage of the habit kick starts and you start feeling that you are not just that good to make a decision. It can be in terms of maturity, capability or even clarity. Feeling of inferiority starts filling your mind. This sign is just an alarm for you for over thinking and you must take a strong action to stop it. Things are not beyond your control even at this stage.

  1. Now it escalates

Everything starts looking very serious and gloomy. You may feel the light joke of friends very seriously and feel yourself troubled. This sign is an escalating sign and that might cause even more confusion, nervousness, inferiority and other sentimental problems.

  1. You try to dig out past

This is also a dangerous sign for too much thinking. You have to understand that past has nothing to do with your present life. But it is just the cycle of over thinking that you cannot leave behind. The habit of digging past can be another step ahead towards the problem.

  1. You fail to improve

The subconscious mind always tells you to improve yourself and make yourself a positive and quick decision maker. You understand that the things that you are doing are not the best thing. But your efforts and feelings fail as you continue to do what you are doing.

  1. You feel it impossible now

Despite knowing that you should not do it, you start realizing that it looks impossible for you know. You start feeling that you will repeat the mistakes and invite trouble again.

  1. You star countering everyone

It is not your opinion that keeps on bothering you, you start interfering in others as well. The habit grows and you start countering the opinion given by others. This could be really a warning.

  1. The process continues

Even after doing all possible things you tend to do the same things again and again. Does not matter what others advises you or you read something about the same. You might take this article seriously as well, but will repeat the same thing.

The over thinking can bring confusion and even depression if you continue to think way too much.


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