Top 10 Smart Home Automation Systems

Since every aspect of daily lives is getting better, why not the homes people live in? Houses are getting smarter as well, and the role is being played by smart home automation systems. These are basically central electronic control panel for stuff like lights on a household, electric motors and pumps, household appliances and security; might include features for distant control over Ethernet connection as well. Here’s a list of top 10 home automation systems currently populating in the market.


  1. HomeSeer

Among all popular home automation systems currently selling in the market, HomeSeer happens to be the best of them. The technologies are up to date and also the user satisfaction is pretty high. HomeSeer is easy to use, even though mastering takes some time. Remote access functionality allows the users to control home security or turn of lights or other appliances via smartphone or a computer.


  1. Control4

Control4 happens to be the best home automation system in terms of usability – almost anyone can control the features provided by this home automation system. However, the installation requires professional hands and there’s a list of dealers who carry out this job on Control4’s website. Control4 has remote connectivity, as well as scheduled operations feature.


  1. Crestron

Crestron is not just household oriented, even places like offices, business outlets and schools could be controlled by this house automation technology. There are plenty of peripherals available for the Crestron system and it’s supported in a wide range of operating systems as well. Number of features are many – such as turning on and off lights in a regular frequency to deter thieves while the owner is out on a vacation.


  1. Vera

Speaking of home automation systems, Vera isn’t one of the top notch gadgets that perform their best in all possible sides. However, the functionality isn’t any less either; the integration of extensive remote access makes Vera unique for distant control. The software for remote access is called MiOS, and it supports any web browser and there are dedicated apps for iOS and Android platforms as well.


  1. Staples Connect

Staples Connect is offered by a lot of home automation retailers these days. Staples Inc. has formed a corporate partnership with Zonoff to have their automation software programmed. Currently, D Link manufactures the home automation hub for Staples Connect. Almost all sort of peripherals are supported on Staples Connect for home automation system but no home theater system has been added into this list yet. Also, backdated technologies like KNX, UPX, X10 etc. aren’t supported either. The remote control smartphone app offers a lot of control but it might take some time for learning.


  1. Iris Home Automation System

Iris Home Automation system has a chain of such gadgets. On the basic spec sheets, Iris Home Automation comes with a great deal on the hardware setup, easy control for almost any member of the household and a widespread software platform support. Unlike many advanced home automation system, Iris could actually be installed without professional assistance and it’s available in hardware retail stores. There’s no Wi-Fi connectivity on the Iris Home Automation but it supports USB 3G sticks and there’s Ethernet connectivity.


  1. Savant

Savant is a high end home automation system. Installation of this system would require professional assistance and trained professionals to install Savant are in fact difficult to find. However, the user interface is based on Mac OS and iOS, hence it has a polished UI and range of features. Remote access is available as a standard feature. There’s even compatibility for HVAC systems.


  1. SmartThings

This project used to be a crowdfunded startup business which was later acquired and funded by Samsung for more improvement. However, the users of SmartThings can achieve a more simplistic approach to home automation. There are Android and iOS apps for remotely controlling the peripherals from a distant place, but unfortunately there’s no desktop based platform. There are convenient security features as well, such as a key fob for central door unlock.


  1. Wink

Wink is an inexpensive home automation system which doesn’t really have the best of industry standard peripheral support, but it’s a great hub for controlling household peripherals across a working Wi-Fi connection via Android or iOS app. The system has been recently developed and still a lot of improvements are going on, more features might be added in the upcoming future. Wink is relatively easy to setup.


  1. Nexia

Nexia home automation system only supports the peripherals manufactured by Z-Wave. The range of features is limited to mainly controlling the lights and power to various appliances but it can’t control the blinds and curtains in a household, or the home theater system. It integrates great with security systems, though.



Home automation systems make life convenient and a household more secured. Even though it requires investment and maintenance on a regular frequency, but that’s totally worth the time and effort.


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