Top 6 Best Source Code Hosting Sites – Github Alternatives

Github is one of the most popular and effective code repositories for your project. It can host organizations and personal projects as well. The popularity of the Github was tremendous, but unfortunately it has been discontinued and people have been forced to find an alternative for the free open source code repository. There are many alternatives for the GitHub available in the market.

Find out the six potential alternatives of the GitHub and their benefits.

6. Beanstalk

The paid service built by Wildbit is one of the great choices. This is one of the choices that works like GitHub and lets you edit your code at the browser itself. You need to move to the command line every time. You can use the free service for 2 weeks and then you need to accept at least the Bronze package. It costs you $15 per month and offers you 3 GB space with maximum 5 users and 10 repositories.

5. Codeplex

This is the free code hosting service for Microsoft. This enables you with a unique project name for the associated domain. You can get the Git, Mercurial and Team Foundation Server as the version control. You can make your project private for at max 30 days and then you have to make it public. The one drawback of the open source is that it does not allow you to have a custom domain for your project.

4. Codeplane

It is again a paid service that has been developed by codeplane. It is one of the best sources hosting service for small companies and freelance teams. It offers you 30 days of free service and then you have to opt for the paid service. It gives you 2 GB of space with unlimited users and repositories for $9 per month. Git is the Version Control system for Codeplane.

3. Kiln

It is a paid service that offers you 30 days of free service. With Git and Mercurial being the version control for the code hosting, it is one of the reliable platforms. Kiln also gives an associated domain for your company. The paid package for Kiln starts from $18 per month.

2. Source Forge

It is one of the best code hosting platforms and it is free. It has been developed by slashdot media and is known for special architecture. It allows you to host different projects under different projects name. You have the multiple options for a version control system like Git, Mercurial, and Subversion. It can host both static and dynamic pages and also let you integrate the CMS for your project.

1. Bitbucket

It is one of the most popular code hosting services offered. It is free for users up to 5. It supports Git and Mercurial Version Control. You can also control your projects with Git web interface and command line. It lets you host free website and project pages. You can also add your own domain name for your bitbucket website.

These are potential and most beneficial alternatives to Github and are very popular as well.


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