Sprint HTC One M9 with Marshmallow Update off the Shelves

Sprint HTC One M9 has a new critical update on the OS platform. The phones are picked on Marshmallow updates and are from the stores in the coming series in the market. Although the update flagged off last Friday, the updates are not being automatically updated on all the phones. The ones have to refer to the website for continual reference on the update.

The new update has many of the complicated issues such as hangs in inter-compatibility and the other issues resolved. The new update comes with the regular set of Marshmallow in-app features such as improvised revisions on Google and many more incredible aspects.

The update is a pretty relief for many since the Indian users of HTC One 9 did not have the privilege of patches and another update as promised last year by the official sources from HTC. The updates are already been elsewhere, where HTC sprint are in the joint venture. The release in the Indian Market comes in less than a month after the Canadian carrier service received the update. There have been updates retained in the US as well, with HTC One M9 mobiles being unlocked since the month of December last year. The same has been observed in the UK, with the updates rolling out since the last month.

The new update has been appraised by many users of HTC One 9 that has reportedly been highly enhanced on the camera performance and other related issues such as connectivity options. The updates are really timed this time since the patches had to from individual carriers and only a few of the updates really based on the general notion of the smartphone. And since the Indian has all the quintessential features and needs as in any other country, the updates are quite natural and efficient for all the Indian clauses and characteristics available on the HTC one in Asia and especially in the country. A long awaited release for the HTC One Owners in Asia, since the updates were quite limited and unsourced for almost a year since HTC One was available in the Indian Market.


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