Top 10 Struggles Of A Indian Teenager

Experiencing problems in life is just normal for all the people all throughout the world. Problems will never care how young or old you are. They will strike you whether you like it or not even during times when you less expect them. In the beautiful country of India, here are the 10 common struggles by the teenagers:

  1. Acne Problems – Indian teenagers are only a few of those teenagers all throughout the globe who are experiencing acne issues. These issues are absolutely affecting the lives of these teenagers badly. They become less confident in facing others.


  1. Depression – It is one common problem experienced by a lot of teens not only in Indian, but in the whole world as well. Teens become depressed due to the changes that happen in their body that is just normal when they reach puberty. Hence, parents must explain everything to their children why these changes are occurring.


  1. Alcoholism – These days, great percentage of the Indian teens population is suffering from alcoholism. This is an addiction towards alcoholic beverages. One factor that greatly influenced this issue is peer pressure.


  1. Drug addiction – Addiction to any prohibited drugs is another major problem among teens in India. Some of them get addicted because their friends forced them to. Moreover, some of them try taking drugs and get addicted to them because of curiosity.


  1. Internet Addition – As the world becomes more and more high-tech, an increasing number of Indian teens also develop a serious problem that has something to do with the latest technology. This is the internet addiction. They spend more time in the internet instead of studying their lessons.


  1. Teenage Pregnancy – India is one of the countries that have higher cases of teenage pregnancy. This is because they have less aware when it comes to proper sex education. One other reason is the fact that a lot of teens don’t receive enough attention from their parents.


  1. Violence – Many Indian teenagers are experiencing violence nowadays. This comes with different forms and examples. There are cases of rapes in different parts of India. There are also some teens who are victims of bullying, especially those teens who are still in school.


  1. Teenage Slavery – In case you don’t know, there are many teenagers in India who are forced to work. One reason why these teens allow this to happen is poverty. They don’t have enough finances to fund their daily living, causing them to do everything even it is already against their will.


  1. Prostitution – One other major issue experienced by Indian teens is prostitution. At the early age they have, they are forced to indulge themselves in prostitution. They think that this is the only way for them to gain enough funds to afford their daily living.


  1. Improper Education – Quality education is very important not only for teenagers, but for all the people in different age brackets. This will be the key for brighter and good future. Even so, there are many teens in India who don’t have the privilege to get proper and quality education.


These are the 10 struggles of a teenager in India. Take note that almost all of these problems are also experienced by other teens who are living in some other countries.


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