Ten Things That Only Talkative People Can Understand

Talkative people are few of the sweetest and interesting people you will ever come across. They are generous and open their heart out. In a world full of complexities, the talkative people are simple and humble. They have few characteristics that are unique and can’t be compared with anyone else. If you know talkative people then you would understand that there certain things that can only be related to talkative people. Here are 10 things that can be related to Talkative People.

  1. You can just speak so fast

The person listening to you may not catch up many of your words even after you repeat them several times. It is not because you are not clear when you speak; it is because you are so fast that it is not easy to understand. People can only understand when you slow down.

  1. You can add numerous points to any single incident

You can add as many points as you want in any conversation. It is up to way to bridge the communication and you can do that in a very subtle way. There are hardly any others who can understand the use of conjunction in sentences better than you.

  1. You feel for others but just can’t help it

Sometimes you do feel that your habit of excessive talking is just bothering and irritating the person next to you. Well, you feel apologetic about it as well, but you can’t just help it. You start all over it again just to increase their agony.

  1. Only your closest friends pay attention to what you say

You speak so much that none really bothers about what you are saying. To be honest, there are very fewer people who do pay attention to your conversation. However, your closest friends listen to all your talks with patience and without complaining.

  1. Nobody knows your secret

Sometimes, you speak deliberately more just to irritate others. Well, the most interesting situation becomes when you intentionally do it, but they just try to be nice to you as a formality. That is really a time for Evil Laugh.

  1. You can spark a conversation with even strangers

Does not matter, if you are talking to strangers, you can just keep the conversation alive as long as you want. The most beautiful part of your conversation is that you always try to bring the stranger in your comfort zone, so that the communication happens very freely.

  1. You are just too friendly

Does not matter whom you are with, you can make people your friends within minutes. Your Facebook friends list might have flooded with people. Indeed, you will be friendly with everyone and even kids can get along very swiftly with you.

  1. Boredom? What is that?

No one in this world can be bored with you. You are just full of energy and enthusiasm. All the other persons have to do is to stay with you, you will take care of the rest and make the atmosphere as lively as possible.

  1. Nobody trusts you with their secrets

Well, that is really a matter of issue for you. You do not really get trusted with secrets and you need to convince people that you will not tell others about it. Well, it is a matter of worry and trouble if that occurs frequently. The trouble increases if you have ever actually leaked any secret.

  1. Special Nick Names

You will always have some special nick names that will remain throughout. You are generally called Chatter Box, Tape Recorder, Loud Speaker and so on.

It is true that talkative people speak too much, but they do not have two faces and they generally speak everything to you with a clear and clean heart.


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