15 Crazy Things That Happen In Every Girls Hostel

Everyone wants to know what is taking place inside a girls hostel. Nearly all girls want to stay at hostel at least once in their life time. Hostels happen to be a funny place where you can enjoy the most with new born freedom. Here we discuss about the 15 things that materialize in every girls hostel.

  1. Talk About Everything Possible On Earth

Girls in the hostel are more likely to talk with their friends. It is not gossiping, but it is just sharing real important info. Study says young women talk three times as much as men.


2.  Major Selfie-taking sessions


Young ladies in the hostel are more crazy with taking selfies and groupies. Selecting the perfect selfie just takes major time of the day. Most young women are addicted to taking selfies because each selfie is a potential profile picture on their social media platforms.


3. Major Relationship Advice


In girls hostel they talk more often with serious relationship advice to their allies. Surely it will be the best advice that can’t be made by none other than your close friend.


4. Cat Fights


Cat fights are the most common thing that was found in girls hostel. Pillow fights, scratching, slapping, hair pulling and shirt-shredding included in this fight.


5. Google or Facebook the cute guy at college and drool

When they see any cute guy at college or any other place they will search the guy on Facebook or any other social media at the hostel.


6. Complaining About The Mess Food And Rules

In girls hostel they will complain about the mess food and rules. Feeding in the hostel mess had made you immune to any kind of food. You learn to tolerate pretty much thing.


7. Talk over the phone for hours

Girls talk over the phone for hours in hostel. May it be her boyfriend, a long lost friend, or may be just a friend from next room.


8. Show no mercy to the food that comes from home!

If anyone brings food from home then the other friends will attack the friend and food without any mercy.


9. Maggi to the rescue

Maggi is the primary food item that girls like to cook in the hostel. No one understands the value of 3 am Maggi.


10. Major Online Shopping

Shopping is a weakness for girls but in a hostel they will browse online. They will lodge to this online shopping for hours.


11. Birthday surprises.

They plan birthday surprise for their friends and will arrange all the things that need to be surprise her. They take meticulous planning and carrying out of surprises.


12. Bad Bathroom Singing


In hostel they sing amazingly bad at bathroom. The bad singing is really soothing to them and they like that song. At the same time her friends put fingers in ears.


13. Exchanging clothes and accessories

In hostel they run to each other’s room for clothes in the morning because they imagine they have nothing to wear even if they have.


14. Complain about men

They constantly complain about men may it be her boyfriend or friends. May be not all !


15 Major Dance Sessions in room

Hostel rooms are the dancing area for girls. There are party and dancing sessions in hostel rooms.

Hostel life is the most memorable and lovable part in their liveliness.


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