10 Things That You Do When You’ve Crush On Someone

We all had this story of infatuation that led to weird things. You might recall them and say how stupid you were now, but that brings a smile in your face. Those short lived moments are a treasure to your heart and here are the 10 things that you do when you have a crush on someone.

  1. Checking your phone

You will check your phone again and again just to check a text message from her. It is WhatsApp messages these days, but the blush on the face on receiving the message is the same.


  1. Keep on singing

Those songs which you have never sung before will be on your lips all the time. You would visualize him or her on every song.


  1. Teasing of your friends

You will be teased to end by your friends. Friends will start greeting them as Brother in Law or Sister in Law in front of you. But don’t forget those stories of you that they used to hear from you on a daily basis.


  1. The Mutual Friend

The hunt of a mutual friend over every place was just like a detective. Social Media was the best place to find them. It was just because you wanted to get introduced to him or her.


  1. Internet Love Calculation

That is just awesome. Everyone would search for scientifically proven love calculation just to get the high 90s in the most stupid math one would ever come across. People try 2 to 3 times adding and subtracting the First, Middle, and Last names just to get a high percentage.


  1. Romantic fairy-tale

Nobody misses out the fairy-tale that you would day dream about him or her. All your stories would ultimately lead to a filmy style drama. A bit of dance and songs are just fantastic spices to the stories. The day dreams might be light years far from reality, but nothing seems better when you have a crush.


  1. Knowing all the schedule

Well, everyone gathers all information about his or her crush and find subtle moments to bump in the front. The joy of pretending the plotted incident to be an accident is just unimaginable. It also includes the way you get dressed up for the unofficial short meeting.


  1. Joining every class your crush goes

Who cares if you do not like music? He or she goes to music class and that is a hell lot of reason to attend it. This is going to be a class where you will pay the most attention without even understanding a single note of music. All you would do is find an opportunity to talk to him or her and try to come close.


  1. Dropping hints

This is the craziest thing you do when you have a crush. At every single opportunity, you would make him or her feel how much you are interested. Well, it is never so easy to tell the feelings. Your friends often come to your rescue and do something even crazier. The gentle push from the friends in front of him or her; and then your blush and irritating look at your friends is just precious. The eagerness of telling him or her truth and the fear of rejection is a common story.


  1. Staring at him or her

Nobody can actually calculate the time they spent just by looking at their crush. Your intense eyes always pop up when you see him or her and your heart beats faster than ever. There are no feelings better than this at this juncture.


You might have gone through the stage of life and did all these stupid and weird things.


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