Top 10 Best Android Browsers

Out of many best things in Android, one we like is the flexibility of choosing your own internet browser. Even though other smartphone OS platforms offer the same, yet Android comes with the best modification capabilities and a vast range of options as well. Previously, the Android OS used to come with a stock browser which was later replaced by Google Chrome as default. Even though we have reviewed only best 10 of them, there are still a lot that’s worth the users’ attention. Check Best Android Browsers.

Google Chrome

On latest Android versions, the Google Chrome comes as the default web browser especially if your phone runs on a Vanilla AOSP ROM. Few other manufacturers though, like Samsung, puts their proprietary web browser in their smartphones and even they portray Google Chrome more or less. However, if you are signed up in both desktop and smartphone Chrome browsers using your Google ID, everything you browse will sync between two devices and you can continue your work after you leave one device and switch to another. Google Chrome browser is free.

Download here.


Chrome Beta

For more enthusiastic users who want to keep in touch with all latest modifications and additions with Android releases, the Chrome Beta maybe their toy to play with. Before the actual Google Chrome gets all the new features, Chrome Beta gets them all. If you want to know what Google Chrome is going to get in near future then you may try Chrome Beta.

Download here.


Opera Browser for Android

There was once a time when Opera Mini used to complete a feature phone. Those days are long gone; however Opera is still appealing even to the smartphone users as well. Opera Browser for Android is a full-fledged mobile browser. Opera Browser saves data like its ‘Mini’ counterpart, and the pages load up real fast. The streamlined and compact interface makes browsing on Opera Browser a pleasant experience.

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Opera Mini

Opera Mini wins the heart of millions of netizens all across the world. No matter how slow your internet connection I; the dedicated proxy settings in Opera Mini will always find a way to load up website you want to visit in fastest possible way. People who purchase smaller allocation data packs will be heavily benefited using Opera Mini.

Download here.


Firefox Browser for Android

For the Firefox browser fans out there, this is the Android version of Mozilla Firefox browser. The standards they have set for both platforms is nearly identical, hence you won’t miss the desktop experience that much on Android. Everything remains standard and operation on a small smartphone screen has been made easier with gestures.

Download here.


Dolphin Browser

Before Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox has taken over, Dolphin used to be a fan favorite and very reliable desktop class browser for Android. There were so many features built-in even for a backdated Android – this is the feature which made Dolphin so desirable to thousands of users. Dolphin browser is still a favorite to people using a low-end Android device, since Dolphin is optimized to run advanced features even on a backdated phone.

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Ghostery Privacy Browser

Up to this point, we have mostly talked about generic browsers with typical features. Ghostery Privacy Browser focuses on browsing incognito – that is without keeping your browsing history, cookies and other traces. For confidential website browsing, online transactions etc., Ghostery comes very handy. It’s much like Chrome’s incognito browsing.

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Link Bubble Browser

This one’s a specialized internet browser as well. Clicking on a link from some other app would make some delays while launching the browser app and redirecting to the link you have just clicked, no matter how fast your device is. If you can’t stand this negligibly smaller amount of time, try using Link Bubble. The browser will load in the background while you can continue surfing elsewhere.

Download here.


Puffin Web Browser

Back in time when the ability to run Adobe Flash contents on a mobile web browser was actually a big deal, Puffin Web Browser kind of took over the show. It handled flash contents so well. HTML5 came and everything changed, but there are still many devices that struggle to process Adobe Flash contents. To deal with them on low spec smartphones, Puffin maybe the resort you are seeking for.

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Mercury Browser

Mercury browser is decently faster. Comparing to all the other higher end browsers, the performance will not blow you away. But for low spec devices, the decent-fast speed is compelling. The UI of this browser changes according to the time – darker theme at night and brighter at day. This basic browser will certainly win people’s heart for being simplistic.

Download here.


Of all the browsers, our personal favorite is Google Chrome and Opera for all Android devices. You may try all for yourself and let us know if your views differ.


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