Top 10 Best Android Wear Games

The world is not new to smart wearable technology. Since a long time, the smart wearable apps like automatic fitness tracker, location tracker and other apps have ruled the market. However, the new android technology in the smart watch has brought a new revolution. The users can now access a variety of android apps on their smart watches. Within a small span of time, the platform has gained immense popularity. Mentioned below is the list of ten android wear games that are quite popular among the users.

  1. Moto 360

It is one of the few good rated games on Google play store that you can play on your android smart wears. The game is quite simple and interesting. The user just needs to rotate the wrist to play the game. The game is developed by Tangochen and the availability is free in Google Play store.

  1. Repulsion

It is one of the most played games on android smart wear. In this game, the user needs to pick up plus or minus sign object and needs to navigate it through twisted and narrow passages. This game is developed by Teensy Studios with the android compatibility of 4.4 and up.

  1. Wear Droid

The game features 3D graphics with a user friendly interface. The game is quite interesting where the user needs to unlock robots while moving forward in the game. The game is developed by Ray spark with the compatibility of 4.3 and up. However, the game is not freely available on Google store.

  1. Ball Escape

The objective of this game is very simple. The user needs to block the ball from escaping from the screen. The user needs to tap the edge of the screen on the watch to prevent the ball from escaping. As the user passes a certain level, the game becomes faster which makes it difficult to control the ball on the screen. This game is developed by Teensy Studios.

  1. Space War

This game is about the war in space featuring stellar graphics. The user in this game needs to control a space ship and destroy the other foreign ships. The game is quite interesting; however the availability is not free on Google play store.

  1. Sookie Says

It is a kind of brain game that a user can play on his smart wear. This game tests your memory and the challenge becomes tougher as your progress in the game. This game is developed by Fat Russell.

  1. Galaxia

The game is a fight between galaxians and aliens in space. The interface is quite retro, but it gets interesting as you progress in the game. The game is not available for free on Google play store.

  1. Math It

This game is a kind of memory booster that sharpens your analytical and mathematical skills. This game features few mathematical questions and displays their answers and the user needs to select the correct answer. This game is developed by emersoft and the availability is free in Google play store.

  1. Rubik’s Cube

It is one of the most challenging and puzzling games on smart wears. This game allows you to play Rubik’s cube on your wrist watch.   This app is developed by Kenneth and Brandon with free availability on Google play store.

  1. 2048

It is one of the most loved and played games on smart watches. The game allows the user to swap several numbered tiles to merge the cells to get the tile number 2048. The game is developed by and the compatibility is around 4.4and up on android. The game is freely available on Google Play store.

According to the users, android performs quite well in sending quick messages, accessing emails and playing music. Now a days you could find quite a few games for android smart watches on Google play store.


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