Top 10 Best Online Payment Gateways in India

Online business has multiple requirements and the Payment Gateway is one of the most crucial one. If you are planning for an online business based in India, then you must choose one of the best Payment Gateways. There are several factors that are considered for choosing the right payment gateways. Here are the Top 10 Payment Gateways in India that have comprehensive services with highest security standards and reputation.

  1. EBS Payment Gateway

This is one of the leading Payment Gateways in India but has a limited presence in the market. The commission for EBS varies according to card and transactions. However, they charge 2.75% to 3.75% for Credit Cards and 1.25% to 1.50% for the Debit Cards. It has set up fee of INR 11999 with the additional annual maintenance of INR 2400. The quality of service for EBS has mixed reviews.

  1. Emvantage

It is one of the popular payment gateways in India that offers a range of services for the clients. One can rely on Emvantage for Debit, Credit, Cash Cards, Net Banking and other payment platforms. There are different offers for the Payment Gateway that works in a commission based service. The Set Up fee can be varied from INR 10000 to INR 30000 and the charges may vary according to the card and the amount of transactions.

  1. DirecPay

It is an integrated solution for the online payment in India. The Payment Gateway does not only facilitate the online business but also helps the retailers who want to sell online as well. The integrated solution is easy and convenient and has huge popularity. The set up fee of the DirecPay Payment Gateway is INR 15000 with commission ranging to 2% for Credit Cards and 1.25% for the Debit Cards. It supports Visa, Master Card, Cash Cards and other services as well.

  1. PayPal Payment Gateway

It was once the leading Payment Gateway and is very popular among the small business setups and start ups. It gives you an online option to buy, sell and transfer money in all over the world. PayPal has distinctive charges up to 4.4% with additional $0.3 USD for every transaction. If you have started up and cannot afford to have other payment gateways then PayPal is an excellent option that gives you cheap and secured service.

  1. Atom Payment Technologies

It is one of the biggest payment gateway platforms in India. It has support multiple platforms like IVR, Internet and Mobile based applications. This is a mainly an IVR based payment gateway and supports debit card to debit card and credit card to credit card transfers in India. They are also the only IVR payment gateway to offer this service. It has got no set up fee and charges 1% of transaction fee for above INR 2000 debit card amount and 0.75% for less than INR 2000 debit card transaction. However, it charges flat 2% for each Credit card and Net banking transaction.

  1. Zakapay

Zakapay is one of the biggest payment gateways in India. It offers a wide range of services for Visa, Master Card, Cash Card and other services as well. It has got very convenient pricing plans depending upon the transaction and cards. It has different platforms and has integration with 22 platforms and supports 13 currencies. It is much secured and one of the fastest paperless solutions for the payment options. It has Set Up fee of ranging from INR 10000 to 30000.

  1. Paytm

Paytm is the new sensation in the Payment Gateways business in India. It is based on the Payment Wallet and it is the biggest in India. The main investor of Paytm is Chinese online giant Alibaba. They have a wide range of services and facilities. It charges around INR 15000 for set up fee with additional INR 3000 for annual maintenance. The transaction commission for Paytm is around 3%.

  1. Pay U India

Pay U is one of the biggest Payment Gateways in India. It has global presence and was launched by Ibibo in India in 2011. Pay U can process range of cards like Visa, Master Card, Dinner Cards and many more. In India, it has online banking partnership with all major banks including ICICI, HDFC, SBI and Axis Bank. Pay U works in a commission based service. It has different commission for Debit, Credit and Cash cards depending upon the amount of transaction. Pay U claims a conversion rate of 12% and also offer range of services. The one click service where the card details are saved for further transaction apart from CVV Code and 3D Secure PIN is one of the best for it. Pay U India has Set Up fee of INR 6000 to INR 36000.

  1. Citrus Pay

Launched in 2011, Citrus Pay is one of the easiest and secured payment gateways available in India. The world class technology and very high conversion rate are considered the best part of the payment gateway. It has collaboration with all major banks and has distinctive charge scheme. It charges 1.99% addition to INR 3 for every transaction. There is also additional INR 4900 fee for annual maintenance.

  1. CC Avenue

It is the biggest and best Payment Gateway in India with 80% online business works with it. It has wide range of payment options starting from Debit, Credit, Cash Cards, Net Banking, Wallet and even Bank EMI. It has got no Set Up Charge and supports 27 currencies of the world. So, if you are planning for international exposure, then this is the best option you have. It is also a commission based Payment Gateway with an additional Annual Charge of INR 1200. However, there is privilege plan that costs INR 30000 for Set Up and INR 3600 for annual maintenance with commission based transactions.

The payment gateways are best among much available in India and are known for the high security, reliability and performance. The major advantages of the payment gateways are the customer friendly services and smooth business function for the online business in India.


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