Top 10 Best Password Managers For PC & Mobile

Everyone regards that security is the most important part of any management especially in systems. We deal with multiple things that are protected with passwords. However, everything can’t be remembered and you can’t keep those things in record as well. But isn’t there a simple way that can help us to manage the passwords? Password Manager is the best tool to do it and you have multiple options for that. Here are the Top 10 Password Managers for 2015 that can manage your long lists of passwords.


  1. One Safe


This is one of the premium password managers available across all formats and devices. It can integrate with any system like iCloud, Dropbox, Email and others and can capture the log in details seemingly from various platforms. You also have backup option for the tool. This paid for Windows PC, iPhone, Android but free for Windows Phone.


  1. MSecure


This is one of the best Password Managers available in the market. It can create, manage, save and use passwords for the users. It can be used for multiple platforms. It is encrypted and cannot be broken. If you are looking for top security then it is the best one. It is a paid tool.


  1. Password Box


It is highly secure and can be used for creating and managing passwords. It supports multiple devices and platforms for better security. The free tool can be used for card details and addresses as well.


  1. Robo Form


Enriched with features and tight security this is one of the best tools for password management. You can generate non guessable passwords and keep them safe as well. It can be used for free but has the paid versions as well for iCloud and multiple device access.


  1. Keeper


You can use the tool for managing passwords for mobile as well as for the web browsers. You get support with the browser extension as well. You can create, share and manage passwords and keep it safe. You can use the Touch Id as master password as well.


  1. Dashlane


This is available for Windows, Mac and iPhone and can be used for multiple purposes. The enhanced security and multiple features boost the service of the tool. You have special features like encryption, Auto-Fill and Digital Wallet. Both free and paid services are available for Dashlane.


  1. Passible


The ios only password manager is known for 256 encryption and multiple features. It makes the password creation, sharing and managing very simple. The ultimate secured password manager is a paid service.


  1. Splikity


This password manager is available for many platforms. It can be used for mobile and web browsers as well. The paid tool is very simple to use and anybody can use it with comfort.


  1. Last Pass


This is one of the easiest and secure password managers available. It supports multiple platforms and web browsers. Managing the passwords is very simple and easy.


  1. 1Password


This is the best password manager available. It can be used for multiple platforms and web browsers with extension available. It can also be used for managing your credit card details and addresses. This is a paid service.


These password managers are pretty helpful and useful for keeping the passwords safely managed.


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