Top 10 Best Portable Batteries For Macbook

Macbooks are very well known for their blazing fast performance, but there’s another aspect these laptops really shine and that is the battery life. Macbooks usually last very long, up to 12 hours on a single charge and this time is much longer than any other similar counterparts in the market. However, for people who mostly remain on the go, even 12 hours might not cut it. For travelers and rushing business executives, plenty of third party additional power packs are available for Macbook laptops. Here’s top 10 of those batteries.


  1. Lizone 40,000 mAh High Performance External Battery

How much is crazy big? Well, The Lizone high performance battery for Macbooks is truly ‘crazy high’, because the capacity on this pack is 40,000 mAh. The Macbook output port on this battery pack provides 5 volts of potential difference while it’s 15-24 volts on the DC voltage output port. The battery cells inside are made by Panasonic with necessary protective features like overcharge and discharge protection. Price – $199.99.


  1. 52,800 mAh Ultimate External Battery

Even larger than the Lizone battery pack described earlier. While the built in batteries in most Macbook could last up to 12 hours; such a high capacity 52,800 mAh battery like this would surely make a Macbook run for days. While you’re out on some intense trekking or tour, this battery pack should be an ultimate companion. The voltage outputs range from 9V to 20V. Price – $449.95.


  1. GreatShieldLuminousPower

This battery pack is a portable yet decent capacity battery pack. The battery inside is 7,800 mAh and it can provide power up to 12 – 15 hours, depending on consumption type and the device being used with this power pack. There’s protective features to protect the battery from overcharge and overheat. 4 LED lights indicate the battery charge level. It has Samsung batteries inside. Price – $29.99.


  1. Mobile Freedom External Laptop Battery

Depending on the Macbook model, the battery capacity might vary. This battery pack is universal, not solely intended for Macbooks but the battery capacity and power ratings don’t hurt any laptop as they change according to the load. This could power up a laptop for up to thrice its original battery capacity. Mobile Freedom External Laptop Battery could be one solution for all your laptops. Price – $199.99.


  1. 12/16/19 – 100 External Battery pack

This battery pack was intended for any laptop with a battery of 100 Wh capacity. Apart from popular Macbooks, there are plenty other laptops with similar power ratings and this external battery pack will provide the best power backup for all of them. The available voltage outputs are 12V, 16V and 19V and backup time ranges between 5 to 6 hours. Price – $199.99.


  1. ChugPlug

ChugPlug is originally made for Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models. The existing cables would work with the ChugPlug external battery pack. It’s a li-po battery pack providing comprehensive support on these two high-end Macbook models, may work for other laptops with similar power rating. Supported adaptors are 45 watts and 65 watts. Price – $159.99.


  1. Battery Box

BatteryBox is a tiny box that fits into anyone’s palm and yet it’s capable of powering up a Macbook for some additional hours. The additional backup using BatteryBox could be up to 12 hours for the latest Macbook Air and around 6 hours for a more powerful Macbook Pro. This external power pack has an intelligent management software named BatteryOS that controls necessary voltage outputs and current ratings. Price – $139.95.


  1. Energizer XP18000 Universal

Energizer is a popular name in manufacturing batteries, and they make huge backup power packs for Macbooks as well. This XP18000 model holds an 18,000 mAh battery inside and could provide power backup to three devices at the same time. Protections like short circuit protection, overcharge and overheating protection etc. protect the battery and connected devices from all potential damage risks. Price – $164.99.


  1. HyperJuice 1.5

HyperJuice 1.5 has been designed to work with mid-end and high-end Macbooks, even the ones with more power consuming Reting display. Number of USB ports on this battery pack is two with a power output of 12 watts – allows users to charge two other devices e.g. a smartphone and a tablet apart from charging a Macbook. There are four products of capacity 16,000 mAh, 27,000 mAh, 41,000 mAh and 61,000 mAh. Price range – $169.95 – $449.95.


  1. HyperJuice 2

HyperJuice 2 is similar to the HyperJuice 1.5 in terms of features. However, there are few limitations like the availability of only one battery capacity – 100 Wh. The better part is, hardware inside this battery pack are upgradable. There’s an OLED indicator for battery status. Price – $299.95 – $399.95.



For people with extended battery power needs, these power packs can provide unprecedented support throughout a prolonged period of time.


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