Top 10 Best Selfie Apps For Android, Windows and iOS

It was not long back when selfie got introduced and became a style statement. People are now a day crazy about selfie and social media is all but flooded. A selfie is praiseworthy only when it has been taken nicely and appealingly. Well, you might have a good front camera, but that does not really ensure that the selfie will be of highest quality. You might have an Android, IOS or even Windows Phone, but the fact of the matter is you need something extra to make it happening among friends. There are many dedicated apps for all of the popular operating systems that ensure your selfie is perfect and you get the nice attraction. Here are the Top 10 selfie apps for Android, IOS and Windows.

  1. Intellicam

If you want a hand free selfie taking experience then there could be no better experience than Intellicam. It comes with the Windows phone and is integrated with the camera. If you want that your camera listens to your voice and follows your command then it is the app you are looking for.

  1. Headshot

This Windows app nullifies your disadvantage of not having a front camera. You can simply take a selfie with a rear camera with the app installed. You get to know which side you need to move the camera in order to get the perfect picture and it clicks when the perfect position comes.

  1. PicMix

This is another Windows based App that can make your selfie experience to another level. You can take quality and high definition selfie and also edit them on the same go.

  1. Front back

This is one of the most innovative apps that can help you to take a selfie and use the rear camera simultaneously. So, you can take your selfie and also take your friend’s photo at same go with this IOS based app.

  1. Picr

You can set the reminder with this app and take high quality selfie everyday or every month. You can just accumulate those and make a video with the same selfies. This is an IOS based app.

  1. Cam Me

This is one of the free selfie apps in IOS that comes with loaded features. You can high quality selfie, edit them and also take several selfies at a single go.

  1. Retrica

If you are looking for a perfect selfie app with loaded photo editing features then this is the one for you. This Android based app can give you loads of features of photo editing.

  1. Candy Camera

One of the most popular selfie apps in Android is known for the huge features. The features include editing, real time effects and many more.

  1. Bright Camera

This is one of the best selfie apps because of its features. It takes a high quality selfie. However, you can edit the selfie with the app itself and then share it with the social media directly.

  1. YouCam Perfect

This is the best selfie taking app. The android based app is known for the large editing features and also known for high quality photos.


These apps for Android, IOS and Windows are great tools for cool selfie experiences.


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