Top 10 Best Task Managers For Android

Sometimes, the apps on your Android phone or tablet will keep running without you knowing it. This can make your battery juice and resources run dry quickly. As a solution for this, it is great for you to download a particular Android task manager. In this regard, here are the 10 ideal Android’s task managers you should consider:

  1. ES Task Manager – Whatever features you want to enjoy in a task manager, one thing is for sure and this is the fact that these amazing features can be found in ES Task Manager. In just a single tap, you can already kill the apps hogging in your system. Moreover, downloading it is free of charge.


  1. SystemPanelLite Task Manager – The UI of this task manager is something like has something to do with the sci-fi movies. This will give you detailed data about the resources of your Android device. It will close monitor the system and if there’s something wrong, it will notify you.


  1. Greenify – If you want to manage the apps on your device the unique way, then Greenify is the best task manager you need to download. In just a single tap, you can hibernate the misbehaving apps in the device. The hibernated apps will not consume battery life, just in case you don’t know.


  1. Watchdog Task Manager – This is good in monitoring your Android device’s system. It’s not only focused on killing the apps and processes that keep your device lagging. It will closely monitor the processes and apps running. If these will malfunctioned, the Watchdog Task Manger will then give the right solution for this.


  1. GO Cleaner & Task Manager – This will surely help you in killing background applications. However, its task doesn’t stop there. You will definitely love it since it has a lot of amazing features like device performance boosts, removal of unwanted file folders, and deleting caches.


  1. Zapper Task Killer & Manager – If you experience lagging moments on your Android device, then you have to zap the processes and the tasks in your device. This can be possibly done through downloading the Zapper Task Killer & Manager. With this, you can see the exact percentage of memory that is left for you to use.


  1. Super Task Killer – Among the task killer apps accessible in Google Play Store, Super Task Killer is the lightest one. However, this doesn’t mean that it only has lesser features. It can boost the speed of your Android device for around 50%.


  1. Advanced Task Killer – This task manager once became the number one task killing app available in Google Play Store. In terms of functionality, Advanced Task Killer can never be put in the lowest ranking. It has a very simple user layout, so you will never have hard times in navigating it.


  1. Smart Task Manager – In terms of free-of-charge task managers, Smart Task Manager is something that you should consider. This will never ask a single dime from you, but the features it can offer are nothing but irresistible ones. You’ll have the chance to know the memory consumption of every app you have through this.


  1. Clean Master – If you want to install a task manager that have a number of features, then Clean Master is the one that you should install. This task manager will also allow you to lock features. In other words, you can be able to lock your applications through this but putting some passwords.


These are the 10 ideal Android’s task managers you should consider using. These will never fail you for sure.


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