Top 10 Best Web Browsers For iPhone

Apple iPhone is one of the most common smart phones in the world. The phone which is based on the IOS is different from the others. To use the internet, you must have a browser and is it is entirely different from what you experience in Google and Windows phone. Most importantly, Apple App store do not allow the browsers that do not use Apple’s version of Open source Webkit to render pages. You need different browsers to operate. If you also not know the browsers for iPhone then here are the best browsers for iPhone.

  1. Google Chrome

It does offer some interesting features but it is not as popular as in other devices. Google Chrome is the browser that limits the data usage and data download. It is one of the most modern browsers and offer good amount of features.


  1. Opera Cost

It is a decent browser and has few interesting features. Speed dial, easy bookmarking are few of the special features that Opera Cost can provide you.


  1. Atomic Web Browser

If you are looking for All in one solution for iPhone browser then this is the best solution you have. It can address the download needs and has an effective ad blocker. You can always make an easy Dropbox installation.


  1. Maxthon

This is a pretty good browser for iPhone. If you are looking for a moderate browser that can address your normal needs and provide decent speed then it is a very good choice. Overall it is a good web browser for iPhone.


  1. Diigo

There is no doubt that it is an effective browser with a good amount of features. However, absence of special and high end features make it an average browser.


  1. Puffin Browser

This is a good browser for iPhone. It gives you quality features and added advantages. However, the only drawback of the browser is that it is a US based browser and many not work for non-US countries.


  1. ICab Mobile

This is a quality browser for iPhone. The Customization of the browser gives a lot of benefits. The multi touch gestures, import and export of the browsers and bookmark facilities make it a popular choice. You can also connect with the Dropbox and iCloud with the browser.


  1. Mercury

It is also one of the most popular browsers for iPhone. The Offline reading advantage of the browser is the most popular one. The file downloader, password syncing, QR scanning are also great advantages for the users. The easy toolbar options further enhances the quality of the browser.


  1. Safari

It is the Default browser for iPhone. The syncing bookmark is also very effective for the browser. You can also connect to iCloud and Reading List with Safari. It is good for the basic necessities and offline reading in iPhone.


  1. Dolphin Browser

It is the best browser for iPhone. It gives you the facilities of Blocking and Private Mode that enhance the security aspect of the browser. The speed dial and customize gestures are the other special features of the browser.


These browsers can be very effective and useful for iPhone.


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