Top 10 Best SSD Drives in India

SSD Drives or Solid State Drives are one of the most significant external and internal storage devices. India is a country for software and IT industry and technology has found a rampant surge in the country. The SSD drives are not different either and there are many companies that are selling quality budget SSD drives in the market. However, every SSD drives cannot be called the best and neither can be used. One should be assured of the reliability, durability and the performance. So, if you are confused with all of these, then here is the top 10 SSD Drive in India. These SSD can be used for Gaming, Video Editing, Mac, Severs, PS4, Computers.

  1. Kingston

Kingston is one of the leading SSD makers in India. The wide range of variety and high performance is the key for Kingston when it comes to SSD drives. The highly engineered SSD drives are available from 30 GB to 480 GB and even more.

  1. Corsair

This is another SSD Drives that step up the performance for your PC and Laptop. The price of the SSD drives is bit higher, but it is one of the good SSD drives. The Force series is considered the best for Corsair.

  1. OCZ

OCZ is one of the better manufacturers for the SSD Drives. The impeccable performance, affordable price ranges, and durability make it one of the most popular SSD Drives in India. The variety starts from 60 GB to 480 GB for the SSD Drives.

  1. AData

The high quality SSD Drives are known for the reliability and durability. However, the price range is on the higher side but not overpriced.

  1. Samsung

The South Korean Electronics giant company is known for delivering high edge technology and excellent performance within affordable range. In case of SSD Drives, Samsung has maintained the same reputation. However, people do have a concern about the size of the SSD drive even though does not matter if the performance is of high standard.

  1. Dell

The computer giant Dell is also in the list of best SSD Drives. The SSD Drives are quality drives and best for the storage purpose. The excellent transfer speed and the durability go with the name of the Dell. The price range is also very affordable.

  1. Transcend

This is one of the best SSD Drives in India. The SSD drives are light weight and are durable. The high performance is also coupled with a wide range of varieties and models for the SSD Drives. The price is also reasonable for the drives.

  1. Sand Disk

One of the best SSD Drives available in India is Sand Disk. One of the most popular and best hard drives are available for low price ranges and high performance values. The variety starts from 60 GB to 480 GB.

  1. Intel

The famous chip manufacturer is also one of the leaders in the SSD Drives in India. The price range is low and the quality is high in terms of performance and the durability. The light weight SSD drives are only 68 gm on average.

  1. Seagate

If you are very particular about the transfer speed and the performance then Seagate can be one of the options. The performance is considered the best part of the Seagate SSD Drives.


These are the best SSD Drives available in India. These are not only very popular and high on performance but also have sustained the high competition in the market for a long time for quality and services.


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