Top 10 Expensive Mobile Phones In The World

Mobile phones are the most inevitable thing in our daily lives. There are many mobile phones in the world with prices vary widey ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive phones in the world. In this society, most of the people are considering mobile phones as a part of their body because they will become panic when they misplaced it. So obviously we can say that mobile phones are one of the imperative need of our life like food,shelter and cloths. But some people use luxurious mobile phones to exploit the social averae among the people. So undoubtly we can say that mobile phones has turned into a status sign. In this article you can check out the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world.


1. Diamond Rose iPhone

Are you looking for the most costly prestigious phone in the whole world? Then Diamond Rose iPhone is the solution for you. It is the world’s most classy iPhone and it owns a 32 GB memory and this phone is introduced by Stuart Hughes. The phone’s basel is finished of rose and roughly 500 character perfect diamonds that total more than 100ct and this costs about $8 million. The back panel of the phone is also rose GOLD and the Apple logo is punched out with 53 extra diamonds. Not only that the front routing button is platinum with well suited single cut 7.4ct pink diamonds in the heart.

2. Supreme Goldstriker iPhone

Supreme Goldstriker iphone is the second most posh mobile phones in the world. This phone is the alteration of iPhone from Apple.This is the most excellent iPhone and 3G is valued at $3,20,000. Supreme Goldstriker have a peculiarity of covering made from 271 grams of solid 22k GOLD and a display clear up with fift-three 1ct diamonds. The projection of phone is coated with an only rare 7.1 ct diamond. Nowadays, supreme goldstriker arrives in a coffee carved design from a special lump of brickwork.
3. iPhone 3G King’s Button

King’s button is the third most sole mobile phone in the world. The orginator of this phone is a famous jeweler from Austria named Peter Aloisson. This phone is mounted by 138 diamonds and this phone costs $2.4 million. The attractive white diamond of 6.6 ct gives the screen button and it gives a stunning look to the phone.
4. Goldvish Le Million

Goldvish le million is designed by a famous designer Emmanuel Gueit, who is brilliant in designing magnificient watches and jewelery. This phone is started selling in Switzerland and it is the most deluxe and posh mobile phones in the world. This phone won the Guiness World Recrds as the most luxurious mobile phones which sold in the Millionaire Fair in Canes,France in September 2006. All the time it is referred to as the world’s most exclusive phone at $1.3 million,this trendy phone is decorated with 18k white Gold and 20cts of VVSI diamonds.
5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond Crypto is one of the most wealthy and paranoid smartphone. This phone is made with expensive metal and precious stones. The phone is fabulous and it has the strong encryption technology. This phone assures you to provide secure protection of your data. Solid platinum is used to make this phone! The Ancart logo and navigation are 18ct rose gold with 28 cut diamonds around the navigation key. This diamond phone costs around at $1.3 million.
6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This phone is unique and it accurately describes the phone. This phone is unique not only beacuse of the black diamonds that cover the whole phone but it’s because the back cover is made of two hundered year old African Blackwood. The keyboard is gemmed with etched saphires and it is handpolished.
7. Vertu Signature Cobra

If you want to catch people’s eye and heart then this phone is thd best option. The phone us draped with a cobra at its sides. This cobra is gemmed with four hundred and nine rubies and two emeralds is stonned as eyes! If you carry this to a party then surely you will be the center of attraction. This costs $310,000 so start collecting it now itself.
8. Black Diamond VIPN smartphone

Black Diamond is the smartphone of Sony Ericsson and this mobile is listed as the postion of No. 8 in the world’s most expensive phones.This phone is introduced by Jaren Goh to Sony. This phone blemish the mirror featuring,polycarbonate and a natural LED technology. Sony challenges the other phones to its screen results. This phone is covered with two diamonds on the steering knobs and the other at back of the phone. This phone costs at $300,000.
9. iPhone Princess Plus

iPhone Princess Plus has a property not much different from other Apple iPhone smartphone, which listed as the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world. This iPhone is introduced by designer Austria, Peter Aloisson. This iPhone owns not less than 138 princess cuts and 180 brilliant cut diamonds. This device is most stunning wonderful thing and it costs $176,400.
10. Vertu Signature Diamond

Vertu Signature Diamond is the diamond colored phone which gives more prestige to you. This phone costs $88,300 and this mobile has many advance features.This phone is made of platinum and it is more comfortable in hand. This phone is listed as the 10th world classy phones.

So Never be late to own the most classy phone in the world.


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