Top 10 Free Text Editors For Mac

Text editors have become an integral part of any user. Free Text editors perform diverse functions nowadays. Now they are not as primitive as they used to be in old days. Whether its programming or note making, they cater to all your needs. So here is a list of top 10 Free text editors for Mac which can help you out to find one for yours according to your requirements.

  1. BBedit 11:

It is the best text editor for Mac in the market. A product of Bare Bones company, this editor can do diverse things right from modern editing to text manipulation. It is a highly feature packed tool which aims to web developers. It also employ color coding to produce an easy approach to development works. It is a paid tool and comes in different packages. So select the right package in accordance to your requirements and start using it.

  1. Brackets:

Who doesn’t know Adobe nowadays. Well, Bracket is maintained by Adobe which tells how good a tool it would be. It supports a wide range of features such as previews, file extensions and much more. Its glossy interface makes this tool stand apart from other tools in the market. Moreover, this tool is free which makes it more popular.

  1. TextWrangler:

TextWrangler comes from the same Bare Bones company which can be considered as the lighter kind of BBEdit. It doesn’t target highly amateur web developers and pro programmers but is a great tool for those who love to play with text to show their creativity. It is also free and can be a nice choice for you.

  1. Sublime Text:

It is one of the most popular text editors in the market. The best part about it is the interface it offers to the user. It is also crafted with one of the lightning fast search engines. It is pretty customizable to cater to the needs of everyone. Its has a free version which has limited features but its full version is paid and has all the features.

  1. TextMate:

It is one of the text editors that would be much liked by pro programmers and web developers. It also supports theme feature which make it more attractive visually. It has feature like auto word completion, column selection along with dynamic outlines. All in all a great tool which comes free.

  1. Textastic:

It is one of the most user friendly tool which possess the feature of cloud syncing. Its just not limited to Mac but can be used in iPhones and iPads as well. It is a pretty diverse editor which supports a wide array of coding languages. But it is a paid text editor.

  1. Atom:

Atom is growing fast in the world of text editors and is gaining much popularity. It has probably one of the best interface and supports extension library. It is also feature packed and is free.

  1. UltraEdit:

This tool mainly targets at web developers featuring many facilities for them and is gaining immense popularity in the developer market. Its ability to support many programming languages is the reason behind its popularity. It is a paid tool but is worth every penny.

  1. MacVim:

It is one of the popular tools but doesn’t possess a much modern interface. It provides you with keyboard shortcuts which makes it unique among its kind. It comes free and is worth a try.

  1. CodeRunner 2:

It is the last text editor in the list which as the name suggest is a highly sophisticated coding tool. If you are pro programmer, then it would be good option for you. It is a paid version but charges reasonably.

This ends the list of top 10 text editors for mac. Some are paid but are worth every penny with the features they support.


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