Top 10 Great Reasons to Not Get Married

Marriage may be seen as something essential in a person’s life but it is absolutely okay if you decide that you need to remain single. Though this is not to prove that marriage is an absolutely useless institution, but getting married should be a matter of personal choice.

Here are 10 great reasons to not get married:

  1. It keeps your life uncomplicated.

Not getting married keeps your life uncomplicated in many ways. You don’t have to deal with handling multiple relationships such as wife, kids, friends and in laws. Life is much simpler and you can enjoy it this way.

  1. You get to make your own decisions, without outside interference.

Another good reason to not get married is that the right to making decisions is reserved to you. You don’t have to ask for a partner’s opinion about each and every decision and you can live in a cool manner, without anyone’s interference in your life.

  1. You have right to spend your money as you want.

If you are single, it means that you have complete freedom about spending your money as you want. There are no issues about budget, eating out and everything else, as happens with married couples.

  1. Your career gets more attention.

Single men and women give more time and attention to their careers as they are not tied down with family issues. This implies that they can have a bright future and make great progress professional on the front.

  1. You can travel and pursue your hobbies.

If you decide to not get married, this means that you can travel whenever and wherever you want to, because you do not have to co ordinate with your spouse. Similarly, you are at the liberty to pursue your hobbies and give them plenty of time.

  1. You can be social and explore relationships.

Social freedom is one of the biggest plus points of being unmarried. You can be a social butterfly, meet new people and explore relationships. This means that your whole life can be a joy ride, full of exciting people and opportunities to meet more and more of them.

  1. You can spend time with yourself.

For those who love spending time on their own, there can be nothing more mind boggling than marriage. On the other hand, if you do not get married, you can know yourself better by getting g abundant “alone time”.

  1. It means less burden and less responsibilities.

Not getting married means that you have lesser burden and responsibilities, with no wife and kids around. You can live your life in the way you want too.

  1. It keeps you free of commitment.

Marriage is a commitment for a lifetime and means that you have to give as much in the relationship as much you want back. It is a very big decision, a leap of faith which has to be taken after a great contemplation.

  1. No quarrels, no divorce, no alimony and custody issues.

Another reason why it is okay not to be married is that it means that you never have to face the horrors of quarrels, divorce, alimony and custody issues, which can ruin life.

Before you decide that you want to get married or not, just ponder over these points. However, if you find the right partner, marriage can make life beautiful!


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