Top 10 Highest Himalayan Mountain Peaks of India

India is enriched with many snow capped mountains which attracts many tourists across the world. Early centuries, Indians took this place mostly for pilgrimage but nowadays mountains are commonly used for tourism, trekking and for other adventure sports. The mountains are the jewels of India and these mountains increases the beauty of India.

The snowy glaciers and huge mountains attracts the tourists mind and millions of millions comes every year to explore the beauty of the mountain peaks.



The word Kanchenjunga derives from the Bhutia and Tibetian languages which means “The Five Treasures of Snows” because it contains five peaks. Kanchenjunga is the first highest peak in India and the third highest peak in the world. The height of Kanchenjunga is 8,856 meters which means 28,169 feet. This mountain gives the most awesome views at Goechala Trek and Dzongri Trek which are both famous for trekking too.


After Kanchenjunga Nanda Devi is the second highest mountain peak in India. Nanda Devi lies entirely in India but the Kanchenjunga lies on the borders of India and Nepal. Before the discovery of Dhaulgiri, Nanda Devi was the highest mountain in the world until 1808. This mountain range heights upto 7,824 meters which means 25,663 feet. Nanda Devi peak lies in the state of Uttarakhand and it is a fragment of Garhwal Himalayas. Climbing is not allowed in Nanda Devi because it is declared as a holy peak.

  1. KAMET

After Nanda Devi Kamet is the third highest peak in India and second highest in Garhwal Himalayas. Kamet stands tall with an elevation of 7,756 meters which means 23,446 feet. Kamet lies in the Chamboli district of Uttarakhand. It is 29th highest mountain peak in the world. It is located at the north of the main range so it is less accessible wwhen compared to other Himalayan peaks.


Saser Kangri consists of mainly four peaks: Saser kangri I,II,III,IV. Among these Saser Kangri IV is the smallest peak. This peak is situated on Saser Muztagh Range that is a part of Karakoram Range. In the list of top 100 mountains in the world Saser kangeri is in the 51th position. Saser Kangeri II is the most amazing peak in the Saser Muztagh.


Mamostong Kangri is also named Mamostang Kangri which is the most elevated peak in the Rimo Muztagh range, which is a part of Karakoram range in India. This range mainly spreads in three countries they are Pakistan, India and China. The huge mountain Mamostang is a sub part of Karakoram range. The height of Mamostang mountain is 7,516 meters which means 24,659 feet. Mamostang is ranked as the 48th position in the list of worlds highest peaks.


Ghent Kangri is also the subrange of the Karakoram rangra and it is situated at the west of the Siachen Glacier in an area under Indian control from the year of 1984. Ghent Kangri is the highest peak at the north end of Saltoro mountains. The height of Ghent Kantri is7,401 meters which means 24,281 feet. Ghent Kantri is listed as the 69th highest mountain peak of the world.


Abi Gamin is also named as Ibi Gamin which one of the highest mountains in India which is situated at Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. After Kamet, Abi Gamin is the second highest peak in Uttarakhand. This peak is a slice of Himalayan range and is near the waterfalls of the upper Alakananda and Dhauli.

  1. MANA

Mana is situated at the northeast part of Badrinath and this mountain range is more attractive to tourists. Mana is the most beautiful mountain range in the Indo-Tibetan border. Mana peak is the eastern extremity of the Zaskar range. The height of Mana is 23,860 feet which means 7,273 meter.


Chaukhamba is a mountain range which consists of four peaks which resembles as the four pillars of the Gangotri group of Himalayas. The average heights of the peaks are 7,138,7,088,6,995 and 6,854 m. Bhagirathi is born from the Gangotri glacier and it have two main sources of holy river Ganga.


Kedarnath is a fragment of Gangotri group of peaks in the western Garhwal Hiamlaya in Uttarakhand. Kedarnath dome is a sub peak of Mount Kaedarnath. Kedarnath is the most magnificient peak in India. These both peaks were climbed by a Swiss team led by Andre Roch at 1947. The height of Kedarnath is 6,962 meter which means 22,835 feet.



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