Top 10 Interesting Facts About People Born in August

People born in the month of August are confident, strong and organised. They are good in making friendship. These people have a great talent to became best leaders. August born are smart and can deal with anything. These people are famous and they love the spotlight.

  • Zodiac: Leo until August 22 and Virgo from August 23
  • Gemstone: Peridot
  • Flower: Gladiolus, Poppy
  • Tree: Cypress, Poplar, Cedar, Pine

1. They are Strong and Confident

August born people are said to be strong and confident. They have great level of personal judgement, ability, power, etc. These people stand well and speak clearly as they are extra confident.

2. Good company

People born in the month of August are good company. They can entertain you with jokes and natural sense of humour. People love to enjoy spending time with them.

3. Great leaders

There is a list of great leaders and celebrities who born in the month of august. This includes Jason Momoa, Sam Mendes, Mary Louise Parker, Michael Ealy, Billy Bob Thornton, Jonathan Silverman, Vera Farmiga, Charlize Theron, Meagan Good etc.

4. They are well organised

People born in the august are found to be well organised in everything they involve. You can trust on them and even follow their steps. These persons have excellent time management skills thus attain good work life balance.

5. Gladiola as their birth flower

August born people have Gladiola as their birth flower. Gladiolus indicates strength and moral integrity. It also symbolises infatuation. The flower is tall and beautiful. Gladiolus comes in an array of colors. It is also called sword lily due to its sword shaped leaves.

6. They are Smart

August born people are very smart and they can make smart decisions. They know their actions and consequences but capable of taking best decisions on time.

7. Famous and love Spotlight

We can see lots of celebrities who have birthdays in august. The list includes American actor and film maker Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt, Casey Affleck, Cameron Diaz, Barack Hussein Obama II, Halle Berry, Steve Martin, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, Robert De Niro, Dustin Lee Hoffman David, Keith and Robert, Madonna, Michael Joseph Jackson, Bill Clinton etc.

8. Best Teachers

August born people are best in teaching. They are naturally good in teaching. They can make strong relationships with their students and care them well. These people are accessible, enthusiastic, caring and warm. They will do their best for the students and parents too.

9. Peridot as their birthstone

Birth stone of august born is Peridot and this is a gem quality Olivine Mineral. This appears in beautiful light green color so known as evening emerald. The stone glows with a brilliant green color. This great crystal indicates positive power and love.

10. They are interesting People

August born people are highly interesting people with appealing speaking ability. They found to hangout and do interesting things often. They have interesting ideas and engage in speaking so many topics. These persons have a special magnetism and they can tell you incredible stories with unusual lives.