Top 10 Interesting Facts About People Born in December

December is a cool month which is always assured with comfort food, fun activities and holiday cheer. Those who are born in the month of December usually carries the seasonal spirit all year around in their life. Babies born in this season are very special and specially talented. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine says that the December babies born babies have natural athletic capabilities. Many of the athletes won olympic gold medals are belong to the birth month of December. The name list includes Fierce Five, Mckayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas.

Key Facts

  • Zodiac: Sagittarius if born between December 1 to 21 and Capricorn from December 22.
  • Gemstone: Tanzanite (brilliant violet-blue gem), Zircon (clear variety), Turquoise etc.
  • Flower: Narcissus, Holly which indicated domestic happiness.
  • Tree: Hornbeam, Fig, Beech.

1. December born are Indecisive

Most of the December born people are said to be indecisive in nature which means they are not able to make decisions quickly and effectively as others. But irrespective of this, they can put their minds on anything and make it to victory. These people can focus on any problem as they are considered as headstrong and determined.

2. Sagittarius or Capricorn

The Zodiac of those born between December 1 to 21 is Sagittarius and Capricorn assigned for those born on and after December 22. People belong to the Sagittarius category are extremely generous, idealistic and hilarious. They are more outgoing and extroverted in nature. Those belong to Capricorn are composed, reasonable, self controlled and disciplined.

3. Good Health Status

December born people are usually enjoying good and quality life. They love to travel a lot and explores life in a different way. They rarely get sick with diseases. Babies who born in December month are more healthy than other month born babies.

4. Blue colour Lovers

Most of the people who are in love the colour blue belong to December birth month. This is the colour of their birth stone. Shades of blue like turquoise, tanzanite and topaz are widely used by these people.

5. Natural Teachers

December born people are often praised as natural teachers. They can simply and easily tell others what is right and what is wrong. They are bossy in nature but they have the potential to do so. These people always offer help but only to person they love.

6. Great Intellectuals

People belong to the December born category believes that, it is never too late to learn something. This kind of mentality allow them to acquire vast variety of knowledge or skills. They can also impart this knowledge to others as they are natural teachers. They feel great happiness in sharing or teaching others regarding new things.

7. Born Leaders

December born people are said to be natural leaders. They can successfully continue any leadership position. They will rarely fail in their assigned tasks. The great logical thinking capacity helps them to solve any problem.

8. Dedicated Patriots

Those people belong to the December month are usually great country lovers. They cannot hear anything bad regarding their country. They usually have great devotion to their country, politicians, flag etc. They are very logical people and can arrive at correct decision in all the matters.

9. Sports and Animal Lovers

December born are sports lovers, they talk a lot about athletic actives. People belong to this category usually have good health status and this allows them to play any sports well. They also love animals and most of the time keep an animal or bird as a pet.

10. Charismatic People

Most of the people who born in December have good enthusiasm Irrespective of their age. They are good and charismatic people. These people can spread positivity and usually they have high spirits. They have love for their life. These persons have free spirits and enjoy freedom that they have. They talk a lot about their views.