Top 10 Interesting Facts of People Born in February

February is the second month of the year which is always packed with celebrations like valentines day, president’s day etc. This is a cold month but there are lots of events to celebrate. Its is the only month which has less than 30 days. The month is named after the Latin word februum. The meaning is purification, thus February month is a time for purification. Here is the list of Top 10 facts About People Born in February. If your are one of them check out the details and compare.

Key Facts About February Born

  • Zodiac: Aquarius if born until February 18 & Pisces if born from February 19
  • Gemstone: Amethyst
  • Flower: Violet, Primrose
  • Tree: Cypress, Poplar, Cedar, Pine

1. They are Taller and Smarter

Majority of the February born babies are taller and smarter in nature. A recent study conducted over 7 years reveals that February born kids features a taller, heavier, and large head circumference physique at the age of 7 while comparing with other kids of same age. They are also smarter and found to score high in solving intellectual problems.

2. February Born are Clam and Quiet

People belong to the birth month of February are really cool. They are less irritable and never get angry. Another special features is less chance for mood swings than summer born babies.

3. Easy to Handle or Easy to Deal with

Kids born in February month are easy to manage than summer babies. People in this birth month category shows good behaviour in areas like consideration to others, temperament, sharing etc. These people can easily make friends and they also have good concentration capacity.

4. Career as Artists or Traffic cops

Most of the Artists or Traffic cops have birth month of February. These are two are the most possible career options for those born in February. People belong to the birth month can create an unusual impression on others.

5. February Born are Famous

Majority of Famous celebrities, Politicians, actors, Artists are fall in the birth month category of February. Both these months are related to creativity, imagination and problem-solving. Many well known people have birthdays in this month. Examples includes George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Taylor etc.

6. Aquarius or Pisces

Those who are born between February 1 to February 18 are Aquarius. This zodiac star is a symbol of progressive thinkers. These people also have strong humanitarian instincts. Those born after 18 are Pisces and they are very compassionate and artistic in nature.

7. Amethyst, Violet and Primrose

Violet and the primrose are favourite flowers of February born people. Violet indicates loyalty and faithfulness. Amethyst is their birth stone. This rich purple gem believed to improve intelligence and get rid of evil thoughts. The great artist Leonardo da Vinci said that this stone clears one brain.

8. They are prone to get Neurological Issues

People born in February are likely to get neurological problems more easily. These category of people should watch for their sodium or salt intake as there is a link between cardiovascular disease and February born people.

9. Increased Rate of Sleep Disorders/Divorce

Most of the patients with sleep disorders are born in February month. When February born men marries women in may, their relationship will be explosive in nature. There will be higher rate of divorce in this type of marriages.

10. They have a Great Birthday

People born in February can enjoy a great birthday. The month February comes with pretty light so you will feel extra special. There are many special days like Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day etc.