Top 10 Most Deadliest Insects In The World

Tough having a small size doesn’t make the insect less fatal for human beings. Hundreds and thousands of species of insects live on the planet of the Earth. The researches and studies showed that there are almost 1.5 million types of crawling and flying insects in the earth. Insects make up almost 80 percent of the total species in the world.

Besides being fatal, the role of insects is very significant among the world. Here is the list of ten deadliest of the insects that can cause the death if left untreated.

1. Hemiptera:

Hemiptera are also called the kissing bugs. They are true bugs that comprise almost 50,000 to 80,000 species such as aphids, cicadas and shield bugs. They are of the size of almost 1mm to around 15 cm and all these shares the sucking mouthparts. They are common in South America and in Central America. These insects are predators and attack the other animals and humans and suck the blood from around the lips while the person is asleep. These insects can transmit the Chagas Disease causing the local infections and swellings at the site of sucking.


2. Asian giant hornet:

it is the largest hornet that is the habitant of the Southeastern and Eastern Asia. This insect can have the longest lengths of 3 inches and they prefer to live in low mountains and forests these Hornets sting the humans and cause infections but transferring the venoms in their blood. Its sting makes allergic reactions and dissolves the tissues of the human body in no time. The sting of these hornets release the most painful chemical called the acetylcholine which has the ability to dissolve the human tissues. The Asian giant hornet can sting repeatedly and can cause the death of the person as the result of organ failure.


3. Dorylus:

Dorylus is also known as Siafu, driver ants, safari ants and African ants. The genus of these ants is very large and is found in the central and east Africa and in the tropical regions of Asia. Each colony of the safari ants can have as many as more than 20 million individuals. Like other armies, there is a soldier class among these insects and the workers that march towards the foods in days of starvation. These insects has the head with the large pincer like mandibles and these are capable of stinging. Almost 20 to 50 people die with the asphyxiation disease caused by the sting of these ants.


4. Wasps:

the wasps are sometimes considered as ants and sometimes considered as bees. So in this manner they are paraphyletic insects and are divided into three groups. The wasps that are common are the yellow jackets and hornets that live together by making the nests. They are also capable of stinging in the seasons of summers and contact with humans. Their stings can cause the swelling for the short time but there are some allergic stings that can cause the most damage and are even lives threatening. Many people receive the anaphylactic shocks from their stings and fall to death.


5. Bot Fly:

these are parasites of humans and can cause the serious conditions in humans. The larvae of the bot fly grow in the flesh or gut of the humans and cause the horrible effects on the human beings. They are usually found in the region of central and South America. Their disease is called Myiasis that can cause the severe changes in the skin tissues of the hosts and can live in the subdermal zones of the skin for more than 60 days. Once the development of the larvae gets complete, they leave the body causing inflammation in the skin.


6. Fire Ants:

next dreadful and fatal insects of the world are the fire ants that almost comprises of 285 different species in the world. They are the aggressive insects that can sting the humans and cause the various types of allergies. The pustule caused by the sting of the fire ants can last for weeks and the reaction of anaphylaxis needs the emergency treatment. Almost 150 deaths per day are caused by the fire ants in the world and also cause the crop damage of million dollars.


7. Tsetse Fly:

these are the large biting insects that are native to mid-continental Africa in the Kalahari and Sahara deserts. These flies can cause the African sleeping sickness by sucking the blood of the victims and spreading the disease of trypanosomiases. This disease is fatal if not treated on time. This disease causes the swelling of the lymph nodes and can cause lethargy that causes the death of the person. It is the cause of almost 250-300 thousand deaths annually in Africa.


8. Africanized Honey Bee:

these bees are also known as the killer bees. These bees are the dominant and one of the aggressive bees of the world that sting the humans and then die. However, these are the cause of the lethal allergic reactions in the humans and the anaphylactic shock that can eventually cause the death of the person. The percentage of the deaths by the sting of these bees is more than the deaths caused by the other common diseases.


9. Fleas:

not only the creepy little insects but also the deadly ones are the fleas that are famous to cause the deaths all around the world in considerable rates. There are almost 2000 species of the fleas that are external parasites of the humans, birds and mammals ad transmit serious diseases like typhus and bubonic plague. They feed on the blood of these victims and form the swelling and pustule causing allergic reactions.


10. Mosquitoes:

no doubted, the most deadly insect of the world are the mosquitoes that can cause serious infections and diseases in the human beings. They feed on the blood of the human beings and spread the diseases like malaria, dengue etc. according to the research, mosquitoes cause the deaths of almost 500 million people all around the world with the separate death ratio of dengue fever, yellow fever and encephalitis.


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