Top 10 Name Pronunciation Tools

How often you have seen people butchering your name mercilessly and how bad you might have felt of that. There are more than 6500 languages recognized in the world and there could be billions of names in the world. However, everybody cannot pronounce your name perfectly due to the lack of knowledge of the language. But is there no way to pronounce it correctly? Well, there is. There are tools that can help you get the correct pronunciation of the names. There are many such tools, but here are the top 10 name pronunciation tools available.

  1. Bible Audio Pronunciation

There are many names that are directly taken from the Bible. However, it is always not so easy to pronounce them. The tool helps you get most difficult names in the Bible. You get to know the challenging words with audio support as well.

  1. Inogolo

It is an IOS based app that helps you to pronounce the names of the people with the wide database. It covers most of the names in the US. So, you will never really find difficulty to pronounce names with the help of this tool.

  1. Sound, Pronunciation App

This is a free app and has more 650 words to learn from. There are names and places also that you can select for pronouncing. You can even upload your name and compare with the existing one. You have both British and American Accent.

  1. Namika

This is one of the best apps meant for iPhone and Indian names. Indian names are most commonly very difficult to pronounce especially for the people in the west. This can be a great app for them to get accustomed with the Indian Name.

  1. Baby Names+

This is most commonly used for the parents who want to give their babies different and unique names. However, this app is also used for the pronunciation of the names. The countries like USA, UK, Germany, China, France, Spain and many others are included.

  1. Howjsay Audio Pronunciation

There are loaded features for this app and it is extremely helpful. There are more than 170,000 words and phrases. You also have auto spell check and wide range of categories of words.

  1. Pronunciation by VOA News

This is one of the best tools for pronunciation. It has a plethora of words and names in it and helps you to pronounce it clearly and correctly. You can also extend the word with by looking up for further information.

  1. How to Pronounce

This is one of the best tools to pronounce wide ranges of names in the world. It does not really matter what name you are looking for whether Spanish, Italian, German, American or others, you should get the audio and text pronunciation.

  1. Pronounce Names

This tool helps you to correctly pronounce the phonetic names from all around the world. There are plethoras of names included in the tool used for correct pronunciation.

  1. Forvo

There are more than 3 million pronounced names by the native speakers with 325 languages; this is the best tool to get your pronunciation correct and apt. You can easily figure out the language and the word you are looking for.

These apps and tools are extremely exciting and useful if you are looking for getting the perfect pronunciation.


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