Top 10 Smartphone Dating Apps – Android, iOS, Windows

Finding life partner is not an easy task and sometimes you have to take the help of technology as well. It was earlier said that the matches are made in heavens but now it is made in the smart phone apps. Yes, and these are known as the Dating Apps. You can find many such apps that allow you to contact someone and befriended with you and ultimately leads you to date. This is about liking and disliking, but the thing is you must have a dating app that worth investing time on it. So, here are the top 10 dating apps available.


  1. Tangle

This is a pretty simple and interesting dating app. It creates the match with you with the people whom you walk by provided they are on the same app. It is fun to date in this app as you can contact each other obviously you both have the consent. You can always take this forward in life.

  1. The Dating Ring

This is more of like Professional Match Makers. You need not do the research upfront for the matchmaking. You can just answer a few simple questions and sit back. The professional match makers will work for you and suggest the best matchmaking.

  1. Ok Cupid

This is one of the old dating apps but still relevant. You can search for people as per your preferences and then you can talk to them if they are online. If things go well, then you can always take it forward from the dating app.

  1. The Grade

It is bit different than the others and grade your profile to find the perfect match for you. You will be ranked between A to F as per your profile and then suggest the matches. Well, if you are tired of those creepy messages then here it is something relevant.

  1. Siren

This is a unique app for dating. This is basically an app where the men need to answer the questions that are put up by the women. The women will have the option to chat with the gentleman she wants. This is a kind of women driven but unique in its feature.

  1. Coffee meets Bagel

This is one of the unique and smooth apps for dating. You get a bagel match everyday and if you like each other then you have a private chat for a week to decide on the further course. Unlike others, this app gives you chatting option with only one person and that seems good for the serious daters.

  1. Bumble

This is again a women based app. This app gives a woman time of 24 hours before accepting the accepting the move. Ignorance of the woman can lead permanent disappearance of the connection from her profile.

  1. Hinge

The hinge is becoming popular with each passing day. Here you can connect the app with your Facebook account and continue to date. Hinge sends the matching for only friends of friends and you can check her profile upfront. It makes the dating pretty much easy.

  1. Tinder

This is the app that brought revolution to the dating apps. You can get so many profiles and if you swipe right then you like it if left then discard. Well, it is fun to use it. It is hugely popular and one of the most used apps for dating.

  1. The Catch

It is different than others for dating. The women centric app asks for Q & A for the group of men. The women should decide the men she wants to contact with the answers they have given. It is kind of guessing and unpredictable kind of dating procedure, but it is fun.

These dating apps have made the dating hugely popular and interesting.


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