Top 10 Toughest Languages To Learn in The World

Learning a language more than your mother tongue is an asset when you travel over the world. It can be very fun to learn different languages of different countries and interact with different cultures of them. But there are some toughest languages which we can’t learn it with that much easy. So here you can find the 10 toughest languages to learn in the world.

1. Japanese

Japanese is an East Asian language which is the national language of Japan. Over 125 million people are spoken by this language. It has borrowed a large number of words from English. The difficulty in learning this language is because the written code is different to the spoken code.

2. Chinese

Chinese is the language which forms a branch of Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken by Han community and many other ethnic groups of China. Around 12 billion people are speaking this language because it is the most populated country in  the world. This language is hard to learn because the writing pattern is ridculous and this language doesn’t use the alphabet.

3. Arabic

Arabic is the language which is spoken in wide area of Western Asia, North Africa and Horn of Africa. This language belongs to Afroasiatic family. This language is closely related to Aramaic,Hebrew,Ugaritic and Phoenician. There is no surprise in the difficult to learn Arabic because the  spoken version of Arabic in each country varies so much. So the speakers of different Arabic dialects often can’t understand each other.

4. Korean

Korean is the official language of South Korea and North Korea. The  notion of  Korean language belongs to a putative Altaic language family and it has been generally discredited. This language is spoken by 80 million people in the world. The language is difficult to learn because the manifesting as verbal endings and the seven speech levels. The former reason switch the speakers between rely on the formality of situation.

5. Thai

Thai language is also known as Siamese which is the national and official language of Thailand and of the vast majority of Thai Chinese. This language is a part of  Tai–Kadai language family. Over 20 million people are the native speakers of Thai language. The alphabets of the language is even more difficult than average. This language contains  44 consonants, 15 vowel symbols, and four diacritics marking tone. If you mastered in  Thai then you can understand Lao too.

6. French

French is a romance language which belongs to Indo-European family. It is the language which descended from the Latin language of Roman Empire. This is an official language in 29 countries. The pronounciation of French is little difficult and it follows very strict rules based on spelling.

7. Greek

Greek is an independent language which is a branch of Indo-European family. The Greek language holds a relevant place in histories of Europe. In Greek learning alphabet is the biggest challenge which is very logical and strictly rules based.

8. Icelandic
Icelandic is the language of Iceland which is in the Indo-European family. This language is largely influence by Danish and Swedish languages after the colonization of America.

9. German

German is the most widely spoken offical language in Austria, Switzerland..etc..This lamguage is also listed in the most difficult languages. In the Europen countries most of the people speak German.One of the difficulty in this language is it has the large number of words which is derived from the same root.

Finnish is the language which is little bit difficult to learn. Finnish is the part of Finnic language family.Finnish is spoken by the natives of Finland and the natives who are living outside of Finland. Finnish is difficult because it has no link to Latin and Germanic languages.