Top 10 Video Players For Windows

If you are a movie addict or video freak, then having a great video player is a must. A good video player makes the movie experience much more vivid and memorable. Here is a list of top ten video players for windows that will shoot your movie experience to another level.

  1. VLC media player:

It is the best and most trustworthy video player present in the market. It is pretty diverse when it comes to supporting different video formats. The player is free to users and supports different kind of subtitle formats too. The most attractive thing about it is its user interface which makes it highly user friendly. So have VLC video player for free and start living your entertainment.

  1. GOM media player:

It is a product of GOM laboratory and is quite useful when it comes to playing media tracks. It is an amazing tool loaded with both basic and modern features when it comes to media player pre-requisites. It is pretty customizable to cater to your needs and is free to use.

  1. KMPlayer:

KMPlayer is becoming quite popular and is very much user friendly. It plays media files quite pleasantly in comparison to other players. It also empowers you to have your own library of files and play it according to your needs and time. It is loaded with exciting features and above all that, it is free.

  1. Potplayer:

Potplayer is another great media player for windows. It has amazing playback features which makes it quite friendly to use. It provides you with top media quality through its unique features. All and all it is free.

  1. MPC-HC:

It is light kind of video player which supports almost all formats of videos. It provides you with high quality home cinema experience. It is also quite customizable and has exciting playback features. In nutshell, it is a great free media player in the market.

  1. DivX player:

DivX player are those genre of players which are especially designed for high definition videos and movies. It is a great player to stream video files with ease. It is one of the most sophisticated and organized media player which supports diverse video formats. It is also free and you can create your own playlist too.

  1. UMplayer:

This media player otherwise known as universal media player is worth a try. It is an interesting solution for watching movies. It also supports YouTube streaming and much more. UMplayer is a great tool for movie addicts which have promising features.

  1. Plex:

Plex is both free as well as have paid packages. It is a modern day tool which can be employed in wide range of devices. It has amazing features to meet your requirements. It can be used as a media server if you choose the paid plans available for this media player.

  1. RealPlayer:

RealPlayer also both is free and has a premium version too. Apart from possessing basic media player features, it is also loaded with cloud syncing which allows you to watch your video from any gadget you want. It is also packed with bookmark feature which allows you to never miss your favourite videos. All together it is worth every penny.

  1. SMplayer:

It is the last video player in the rankings. It has a very simple user interface along with external YouTube supports. Its free and extracts the top quality media experience from your windows.

The above list would help you to choose your media player for windows and will surely enhance your movie-watching experience.


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