Top 5 Best Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

iPhones come with an email app by default, which could be incorporate with almost all popular emailing services. However, the default app might sometimes lack few features that are offered in the proprietary emailing app from the respective companies thus users would require changing into a different app. If using an individual app for each different mail client becomes very troublesome, then third party alternates to Mail in iOS is available, here we have made a discussion on 5 of them.


  1. Mailbox

With a very generic name, the Mailbox app provides adequate resources to stream emails directly from various email servers to one combined app interface, thus checking emails in each individual account becomes easier. This would significantly increase the user productivity as well. Mailbox has an appealing UI for a simple email sending app. List-emailing feature is available for sending bulk emails like tickets, bills, promotions etc. Marking a specific email for reading them later is possible. Also, there are few customizable swipe rules that user can set and act accordingly when making a quick decision is necessary. Few drawbacks are very distressing though, for example the lack of an auto-save draft feature could drive the pro-level users away. It’s a free app.


  1. Boxer

Boxer provides a decent balance between being very utilitarian and also offering ease of usage. Being an iOS app, Boxer couldn’t really turn out to be a difficult app for providing emailing service as it would only deter the customers from downloading. However, Boxer offers various gesture based functions to allow users to quickly reply an email or read an email in the inbox in a very quick glimpse. A customizable short message could be included within the program to let the sender know that the email has been read and the reader likes it. Similar templates are available inside the app, also they could be created manually. Price – $4.99


  1. Cloudmagic

Cloudmagic is one of the very best third party email clients available for the iOS platform, however it’s not a very simple app to operate. Due to the higher number of features in this app, users might often get confused while being with the interface. The supported email clients are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office365, iCloud, IMAP etc. For the most part, people uses any of these email clients for their daily business and compatibility shouldn’t be an issue. Evernote integration allows users to directly create notes from the emails. Price – $4.99.


  1. Acompli

Acompli is an iOS app that’s only offered for iPhones, even though it’s an email client yet there’s no iPad optimized version for Acompli yet. There are plenty of apps in the App Store for the mailbox management part – but what we seem not to find is an email client that integrates the calendar into the email app very effectively so that users can make plans or create to-do lists right from the Acompli interface itself. There’s a feature that allows Acompli users to quick check email attachments stored on an iPhone. Also, location sync with calendar makes creating tasks better than it ever had been. Price – free!


  1. Inboxcube

People who deal with lots of email attachments will find Inboxcube utterly useful. This app creates cubes that are basically types of quick links for searching specific types of attachments from inboxes. All files are rearranged in a two-column interface. Also, when a file is clicked e.g. a photo is opened inside Inboxcube interface, they will appear in grid layout. Other types like videos, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF etc. files are also supported. Price – Free.



Get your hands on these 5 email client apps if you have gotten bored with the native app in iPhones.


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