Top 5 Best Chocolate Brands In India

Chocolates have become one of the favorite and delicious food types in the world. Chocolate lovers can be found in every part of the world including India. Chocolate can be eaten in every season ranging from hot to cold; chocolate can be used in beverage, shakes, cakes, cookies, candy bars and desserts.Chocolate can also prove to be very benefit to your health as it prevents several heart diseases.

If you are wondering about exactly how much bars of chocolate the whole India consumes, then you are tucked at the right place. According to the recent survey, the total sales of the chocolates in India have now crossed almost $1.6 billion. There are various chocolate brands in India which today comprises our list. Top 5 brands of chocolates in India are mentioned below:

Cadbury Gems:

Gems is the product of one of the most famous companies in regards of chocolate is called Cadbury. The chocolate Cadbury Gems stands on number 5th in the top 5 chocolate brands in India. The net value share of Cadbury Gems in India in the year of 2014 is 5.4 thus making it the 5th most famous chocolate.

Kit Kat:

Kit Kat is the one of the famous and most delicious chocolate bars of the world. It is bar of chocolate wafers dipped in rich creamy chocolate that is seriously very tempting in taste. It is the renowned brand of the world and the 4th famous brand in India with the value share of 5.6 in the year of 2014.


a product brand of Nestle. The Munch was launched in the year of 1999. It is a famous and delicious wafered chocolate with the crispy coating of chocolate. The Munch Chocolate is the top 3rd brand of chocolate in India in 2014 with the net value share of 6.7 %. The chocolate is equally famous among the youth and the old ones.

5 Star:

coming up on number 2nd is the 5 Star Chocolate which was introduced by the famous confectionary Cadbury. It was started in 1969 in India and currently it is one of most selling chocolate all over the world including India. 5 star is famous for its unique caramel and nutty flavor making it the 2nd famous chocolate in India with the value share of 7.9 %.

Cadbury Dairy Milk:

Dairy Milk is the most selling and popular brand of chocolate on India and I am sure it is not only in India but also it is famous worldwide. It is available in many flavors including fruit and nut, simple velvet, Crackle and roast almonds. The value share of Dairy Milk in India in 2014 is not less than 30.6 %. The reason of the popularity of Cadbury in India is it is sold in reasonable prices and has rich flavors.

The Indian chocolate Industry is growing rapidly because of its creamy and chocolaty taste. People prefer to gift chocolates to their friends and family on different occasions.



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