Top 5 Best Luxury Multiplex Theaters In India

Theaters are considered as the one of the best entertainment place for passing time. Across the world, the popular and famous artists are creating a new streak of theater for the youth that enjoys and admire the elegance and the importance of acting, dancing and freshness of the new and senior faces of the plays and movies.

Theaters in fact can save the world for the young people when they get bored from their hectic daily routines and get bored from their tiring work. India, a country, where more than 100 of films are brought to big screens every year, also consists of numerous theaters to make the worth of their films, a list of top 5 theaters in India is followed below for you if you are also looking to spend your weekend in theater, watching a film.


  1. Eros Theatre: the one of the famous movie theatre located in the city of Mumbai, India. The cinema was opened in February 1938. The building of the cinema consists of a ballroom and also a restaurant with the apartments and shops. Eros is famous for its splendid environment and also for its quite unique décor. It is one the famous and one of the most luxurious theaters of India.
  2. Luxe Cinema: the Luxe Cinema is located in the city of Madras, India. If you are looking for a royal movie treat then you must visit Luxe Cinema. It is one of the best Cinemas in Chennai with excellent interior and facilities. There is everything that you expect to be having in an ideal movie theatre. Luxe is also famous among the people because of its excellent screening and sound systems.
  3. Sathyam Cinema: it is also among the best Cineplex of India, being located in the city of Madras. The Sathyam Cinema is famous for its ambience and super environment with the lots of choices of movies at one time. It is one of the best places to watch movies with friends and family. This place is also famous for its flavored popcorns.
  4. Crown Theater: the one of the oldest theater of India, Crown Theater is located in the milestone of Kozhikode. The crown theater is best known for its screening of English, Tamil and Hollywood films. It is also famous for its projection of sound and seating. It is the 2nd best Movies Theater of India, which is equipped with 3D projection, 7.1 sound and luxury seating.
  5. Raj Mandir Cinema: the known cinema of India, Raj Mandir cinema is a place of worth visit. It is located in Jaipur, India. The royal built movie hall with awesome interior makes this theatre the best one. It is one of the beautiful places to catch the latest blockbuster films of India and Hollywood. It is often called as the “delight for eyes” because of its unique décor and interesting anterior.

Hence the theaters are the enriching places that freshens the minds of the youth that brings the people close to each other.


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