Top 5 Best Project Management Softwares

Have you heard about project management software? Do you know what is it all about? If yes, then you are lucky enough for sure. But if not, then you have to know it well since this is very useful. As a matter of fact, a lot of projects have been very successful because of using project management software.


Without a project management software at hand, the entire project will surely be a mess on your part. Keep in mind that a single wrong move can be the reason of your project downfall. If you will not follow the steps well, then it is already expected for you to have a failure project. This is actually the main reason why you need to make use of project management software. This will make everything well-organized. In relation to this, here are the 5 best project management software that you should consider using:


  1. Trello – This project management software is actually using a method known as Kanban. Kaban is a project management method developed by Taiichi Ohno, who happens to be the former Vice President of a famous company, Toyota. This method will help you move cards of representatives very easily. With this, you can surely see the current situation of the project. You can even see how it progresses to another level.


  1. 2-Plan Project Management Software – This is a kind of open-source project management software used by a lot of people. This software has 3 known symbiotic programs, and these are the 2-Plan Desktop, the 2-Plan Team, and the Work 2-gether. 2-Plan Desktop is kind of project management method, while 2-Plan Team is a project management tool that has a number of hosting options.


  1. Asana – This project management software has 400,000 users all in all. Even so, the total number of customers it has that made subscriptions of the software is only 40,000. Aside from being the best software, it is also among those extremely popular ones. What is even the best about this software is it offers up to 15 free subscriptions to 15 lucky customers. The designer of this project management software is one of the founders of Facebook. He is none other than Dustin Moskovitz.


  1. GanttProject – Another software that can really do something to the project management you are doing is the GanttProject. This will even help you in terms of project scheduling. Because of the greatness of this software, it has been compared to the Microsoft Project software. Using this software will help you enjoy different time management tools. You can even make reports with this software in PDF formats and HTML.


  1. Producteev – There is no need for you to go for other expensive Pro project management software since Producteev is just like them. It has visual customization feature, personalized support, and Outlook integration. Between so many users, this software also allows good real time communications. You can even track the progress of the project very easily with the help of Producteev.


These are just 5 of the best project management software available today. Make use of them and enjoy the advantages they can give.



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