Top 5 Largest Oil & Gas Companies In India

Oil and gas is one of the measures of the development countries. It is quite very hard to imagine and industry without oil and gas, anywhere in the world. The role of oil and gas in India is very significant as it is one of the major contributors to the central and also to the state treasures.

India is the 6th largest consumer of petroleum and it is one of the main targets that influence the economy of the country. Oil and natural gas reservoirs are naturally occurring throughout the India but there also many large companies that are playing an important role that contributes to the extension of economy of India. Top 5 famous and best oil and natural gas companies are listed below. Have a check on them:


Bharat Petroleum: it is one of the largest oil companies in India. More commonly it is called BPCL and it is a state controlled oil and gas company with its headquarters located in the city of Mumbai. It is a public sector with the net turnover of 40 billion dollars. The company employs more than 15000 employees per year. The company have two major oil refineries with the main products of petroleum, natural gas etc.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation: the one of the famous oil and natural gas Company in India. The company is commonly known as HPCL with the headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is one of the biggest oil corporations with the total revenue of 41 billion dollars. The company is possessed by the Government of India and it has the wide variety of petroleum fuels and products.

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation: ONGC is a well-known and one of the largest gas and oil companies in India. The Indian multinational company has the headquarters located in the city of Dehradun, India. The company was founded on 14 August 1956. The company is famous in India because of its major turnover of almost 69 %. The company employs more than 32k employees annually.

Reliance Industry: reliance petroleum limited is the 2nd top most best gas & oil company in India. Headquarters of the company are situated in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. The reliance industry is the second largest publically merchandised company in India. The reliance industry is highlighted among the gas and petroleum industries because of its turnover of 67.0 million dollars.

Indian Oil Corporation: also known as Indian Oil is the most popular gas and Oil Company in India. It is the 88th largest oil company of the world. The headquarters of the company is located in the city of New Delhi. The company is famous for its reliable products like petrol, diesel, LPG, lubricants and many other more. The total revenue of the corporation is almost 81.55 billion dollars. The Indian Oil Corporation provides the employment to almost 36000 plus workers. Main products of the company include diesel, kerosene, LPG, lubricants and petrochemicals etc.


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