Top 5 Most Haunted Places in India That Will Scare You

India is one the beautiful countries of the world. It is sometimes termed as the land of undiscovered mysteries. The land of India is full of questions with no answers. Since many years, tourists and travelers from around the world that have visited the country of India have been fascinated by the mystical and spiritual energy that have surrounded the whole country.

There are numerous such cases and places, among them some are famous and some are unknown that have been known by locals as the most haunted places of the country. Top 5 are mentioned below. Have a look on them.


1. D’Souza Chawl of Mahim:

the place is located in the famous city of India, Mumbai, and is famous as the haunted house. There is a well in this area and the stories are if to believe, that the woman fell in this well while drawing water and died since a long ago. Many people of the area claimed to see her ghost tip-toeing around the well at night.

2. National Library: national Library of Kolkata is claimed to be the one of the most haunted places of the India. The rumors of the ghosts of the laborers that had died during the building of library have been spotted at the library. Another instance of this library being haunted is that a student entered the library and never returned since then also makes this national Library a haunted place.

3. GP Block: GP block located in the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh has been reported as haunted place. The place is claimed to having seen four guys sitting with a lighted candle and a girl is also seen to be coming out of the house wearing red dress. People have also seen the boy sitting alone at the top of the roof.

4. Ramoji Film City:it is also called the universal Studios of India. It is a big film city that is located in the city of Hyderabad. The hotels in the Ramoji City are reported to be haunted. Witness report that the lights kept on top keep falling and the food left in rooms also get scattered around the room. Girls are the most favorite ones to haunt.

5. Bhangarh Fort: a deserted town located in the Rajasthan. It is believed that back in the old days, a tantrik cast a black magic on the fort and the Bhangarh was ruined forever. Visitors are not allowed to visit the area as it is the most haunted place of India. There is another story that the houses of the towns of around the Bhangarh are roof less. And if the roof is constructed even today, it ruins in no time.

These abandoned places of India have been a place of interest for the people who are fascinated by the supernatural. People don’t know how true the ghost stories are, but these places are the restricted places for the locals of the India.


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