Top 8 Botanical Gardens in India

India is a country of natural beauty and attractions. The mighty high of the mountains and the blue depth of the oceans, India is blessed by the Mother Nature. The greenary and the trees are another special symbol of beauty. Even though like the rest of the world, the trees are reducing but the beauty can still be witnessed at the beautiful gardens. There are many gardens in India and some of them are so good that it is worth visiting at least once in life. If you are not aware then here are the best gardens in India.


1. Shalimar Garden

The Shalimar Garden most popularly called as the Shalimar Bagh is in Srinagar, Kashmir Valley. The garden is on a vast area and known for the beautiful Gulmohar trees and roses of all colors. It is said that if one has not visited Shalimar Bagh but visited Kashmir Valley, has committed a mortal crime.


2. Brindaban Garden

The Brindaban Garden is situated at the Royal City of Karnataka, Mysore. The garden was built by the royals but still enjoy one of the most beautiful scenes in India. The garden is famous for the light and sound show.


3. Pinjore Garden

The Mughals were very fond of gardens and they have made many beautiful gardens across the country and this one near Chandigarh is another example of a beautiful garden. Enriched with the flora, this garden was made by Emperor Aurangzeb.


4. Mughal Gardens

The garden in the President House of India is officially known as the Mughal Gardens. One of the most beautiful gardens that have wide collection of flora is also very popular. Every president of India gives some of the personal touches to the garden and it has made it even more classy and versatile.


5. Lalbagh

This is another beautiful garden in the Southern Part of India. The Lalbagh is located in Bangalore which is called the Garden City of India and also the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is known for beautiful weather and that helps the flora and flowers to blossom and cherish. Lalbagh is one of the most beautiful gardens in India.


7. Rock Garden

If you just go for something unique and something special the Rock Garden in Chandigarh is one of the best. The garden is made of the sculptures that too made by the wastes. This garden is famous in all over the world and is one of it’s kind.


8. Lloyds Botanical Garden

The beauty of Himalayan and the charm of Darjeeling both have resulted in the beautiful garden. This is one of the most beautiful and eye catching gardens in India. The hilly terrains of the Himalayans give the flora and the garden a completely different look. This garden looks amazing in between the vast tea gardens of Darjeeling.


These gardens are not only beautiful and popular in India but also pleasure for the mind and eyes too. The flowers, trees, breeze and the ambience of the gardens are something that cannot gets even after expanding huge money.


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