Twitter Includes a Timeline on Account Pages to Look Much More Facebook

Twitter Inc. has had an intriguing modification in the account pages since Wednesday. As per sources, the tweets will be displayed on the homepage as per the customizations on the individual users in contrast to the earlier uniform display options in the reverse linear order. The tweets would more look like the posts and news feeds on Facebook.

The modifications on the looks of Twitter has been reinstated to design a structure that could have more appeal to advertisers and including the preferences for network marketing in advertising, that is paid service for promoting products on Twitter.

Remarkably, the change has been implemented in a matter of hours after the investors meet due on the fourth quarter earnings for the year. It is evident that there has been pressure on Twitter Inc. to modify the structure to bring in more users and increase the revenue from Advertisements. This has been the key aspect of the modification on the display of tweets on Twitter.

As far as the reports from Advertisers on Twitter, it has been referred that the advertisements made on twitter are liable to fade out if a reverse order is implied on the tweets and that would drastically diminish the viability of advertisements made on Twitter.

Twitter has come with the solution through a refining process of screening millions of tweets and the user engagement to determine the most efficient ways to resolve the issue. With the new options on Twitter, the several tweets from recent hours will be displayed as you log into account. And to the below of the recent tweet segment, there is the most conventional twitter included in the same manner of the old tweeting scheme. Though the users can opt for the display modes with priorities to remove the timeline segment from the display.

Conclusively, Twitter is making reforms appeal to Advertisers but the refinement has to be responsible and reside by the user preferences, as indicated by the spokesperson for Twitter Inc. And if the pact does prove successful, there is scope for Twitter to lay hands on a greater share of online advertising.


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